Best Disc Golf Set For Beginners

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking for your new favorite disc. There is the distance driver, the fairway driver, the midrange disc, and the all important putter. There are also different skill levels to take into consideration for each type of disc. Right discs can make all the difference in your game because they will help you avoid bad throws and increase accuracy.  Luckily for us the manufacturers of disc golf discs typically package options together and create disc golf sets.  But not all sets are the same.  In this article Disc Golf Dash is going to help you decide which is the best disc golf set for beginners.

Best Disc Golf Starter Sets for Beginners

A beginner set for discs is a great way to add to a new players’ kit. For those who are starting out, understanding the different types of discs that are available can be overwhelming. Disc Golf makers try to organize their sets by disc type and plastic quality.  

These sets are going to start out with a lower degree of plastic, but that’s ok.  This will keep the cost down and allow you to learn before spending some money on the higher quality plastic. All of these companies are known for making some of the best disc golf discs in the world, so the starter packs should be optimized for new disc golfers. All of the sets in our list are PDGA, Professional Disc Golf Association, approved.  So you could even play your first tournaments with them. You also might read reviews of different sets being for a certain purpose, say putting, or forehand throws. Below we provide a table breaking down some of the key characteristics of the sets on our list.

Best Disc Golf Set for Beginners Comparison Table

Product NamePDGA ApprovedNumber of Discs/TypesUse CaseFeatures
Innova Disc Golf Starter SetYes3 / Driver, Mid-Range, PutterBeginnerGood Mix of Innova Classics, Top Manufacturer 
Dynamic Discs Prime Burst SetYes3 /  Fairway Driver, Mid-Range, PutterBeginner – IntermediateTop disc lines from Dynamic Discs, Mini Marker Disc
Discmania Active Soft SetYes3 / Fairway Driver, Mid-Range, PutterBeginnerGrippy Plastic, Dismania classics
Prodigy Disc Ace Line SetYes3 / Fairway Driver, Mid-Range, Approach PutterBeginner2019 Disc of the year, Nice Mix of Ace Line Discs
Viking Discs Starter SetYes3 / Distance Driver, Mid-Range, PutterBeginnerRune putter is top level
Discraft Starter SetYes3 / Driver, Mid-Range, PutterBeginnerBuzzz and Magnet are some of Discrafts Best Models
MVP Discs Starter SetYes3 / Driver, Mid-Range, PutterBeginnerAssortment of plastic types, 
WestSide Origio Starter SetYes3 / Control Driver, Mid-Range, PutterBeginner – IntermediateControl Driver helps beginners learn

So now that we have a summary of the best beginner disc golf sets, let’s dig into the details and review each. Note that all of these sets offer 3 different discs…just enough to get you started and arguably a great way to practice and learn. With that said, you can get starter sets with more discs, combo packages that include a disc golf bag, and upgraded plastics. We will highlight some of those options in the details below.

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

Perhaps one of the most well known manufacturers for disc golfing products is Innova.  This is a great set and probably the set most players, including myself, started with or have at least picked up somewhere along the way. The starter set includes 3 classics from Innova’s extensive line. The Leopard and Shark are two of my favorite discs.  The Innova Aviar is a valued putter but takes a minute to get used to the wide rim…some like it some don’t.  I didn’t at first but have gotten the hang of it and started liking it for approach shots. 

The discs are all great for backhand throwers and so-so for the forehand.  You might want to start with a different set if that is your forte (see what I did there). The plastic is of Innova’s lowest quality but the price is exceptional.  I had my set for 3 months before noticing enough damage to warrant some upgrades.  Those trees can be tough on the cheaper plastic but better to learn this way than waste your money.

Innova Discs Starter Set Upgrades

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Set

Dynamic Discs has been in the game for a long time and is well established in the #discgolfcommunity. This starter set comes with some of their most popular lines with a cool burst design to standout in the rough. The Emac Truth is one of our favorite Mid-Range Stable discs and an excellent choice for this type of disc.  We featured it in our Most Stable Mid-Range Discs for 2022 Article.  The set has discs ranging in the 170g-176g weight, which is a really nice weight for intermediate players.  Most start in the 150g range and that can be a little light, whereas the above 175g can be a bit much when starting out. 

Dynamic Discs Upgrades

Discmania Active Soft Disc Set

The Discmania company is another well respected manufacturer in the community.  Established in 2006 they are on a mission to take the sport around the world. This starter set includes three discs that have a reputation for “ in the bag”, or in other words always within reach of experienced players. The Magician is a decent fairway driver that will suit you well during some mild wind conditions. The Maestro is one of our favorite Mid-Ranges and is just easy to throw.  Finally the Sensei is one of my favorite putters as it has a low profile so I can grip it easily and it doesn’t seem to hang onto my hand too long.  

Discmania Discs Upgrades

Prodigy Ace Line Disc Set

Prodigy has quickly become a favorite of mine.  Their disc design and plastic types just feel good in my hand.  Even this baseline plastic is quality and that seems to be typical with any Prodigy product.  The package includes one type of disc from each of the Ace line series.  P = Putter, M = Mid-Range, F = Fairway Driver, yeah, you get it.  Although the colors may vary in your package, another nice factor is being able to choose the weight.  If you’re experienced and just adding some Prodigy to your lineup then go with something a little beefier.  The 160g range would be great for the intermediate.  For newer players start with something in the 140g – 150g range.

Prodigy Upgrades

Viking Discs Starter Set

If you’re looking for a fun set of discs that have some unique feel and specs, check out Viking.  This starter set includes the Rune, which is a highly rated putter.  On top of that you get a decent mid-range with the Axe that should provide you a consistent addition to your bag. But the final disc is the Ragnarok, with a speed of 11 and a turn of -1 this is a high flying understandable disc that should add some distance to your throw. Viking plastic is on par with the others short of Prodigy and DD Prime Burst. So it might not last you as long as those sets.  However, at this price point you won’t go wrong and will probably be on the lookout for more Viking discs soon.

Viking Discs Upgrades

Discraft Starter Set

The Discraft starter set is another one that people seem to flock too.  Much like Innova’s starter set, it is a solid choice with a reputation for quality beginner level discs. Discraft is the second largest manufacturer of disc golf discs in the world. They dominate ultimate frisbee and have a well established following on the disc golf side.

The set can vary in product and colors but typically comes with the Buzzz and Magnet.  Two well respected quality lines of discs that get rave reviews from all that use them.  I have both, but bought them individually.  However, it would have been cheaper to get them in this set.  I use my Buzzz everytime I play.  The Magnet is a great putter and one that I have been practicing with more and more.  For me, it’s a bit better then the Avair in that the lip doesn’t grab my fingers as much and allows for a smoother release.

Don’t expect premium plastics from this set, but both the Innova and Discraft sets are great introductions to their lines of discs at an affordable price.  They are both well balanced for the beginner to intermediate player…whereas the Viking set is a little skewed, which is why I describe it as fun. The only other downside is this set from Discraft is sometimes hard to find and not always in stock for whatever reason.  Probably because they sell out of Buzzz too often.

Discraft Upgrades

Best Disc Golf Set For Beginners
Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set (4 Disc and Bag)

MVP Disc Sports 3-Disc Premium Disc Golf Starter Set

MVP is a bit new to me.  I have only gotten to throw discs from MVP that my friends have in their bag. However, what makes this company interesting to me is that the founders are passionate disc golfers who have been working in the injection molding industry for a long time. So this set may be next up on my list to purchase as well.   

They have some unique takes on the technology baked into their discs and it’s very intriguing to see what they will come up with next.  Using what they call “GYRO® Overmold Technology “ they set themselves apart from the other companies. Essentially this technique shifts the weight to the outside of the disc rim as opposed to the inner rim. When I played using my friend’s Axis,  I was very happy with all of my shots.  I remember the disc felt easy to throw and I didn’t have to constantly adjust it in my hand. Ok, I’ve talked myself into it, definitely getting this starter set. Check the blog for a full review soon.

MVP Discs Upgrades

MVP Disc Sports Cell Disc Golf Starter Bag

Westside Disc Set

Westside was acquired by Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 but the line stays true to its originality.  This company offers perhaps the most options for disc golf sets we could find.  Everything ranging from small sets to larger, those for beginners and those for advanced players.  All of the discs in the set are stable to unstable, which is great for the beginner.  However, the weights of the disc are in the 170g range and that might be a little heavy for the weaker arms.  This might be the set to choose if you are a beginner but not new to disc golf. If you’ve played for a bit and are looking for some next level discs, go with the Westside disc set. 

Westside Upgrades

What To Look For When Buying A Disc Golf Set

Choosing a disc golf set can be difficult, depending on the disc golf types, weight, color and material. Your skill level and style of throwing on the disc golf course are also important to consider.

The major disc golf brands produce discs in different plastics to suit your needs. Pro disc golfers may use those brands discs but typically will throw the higher quality plastic version.  Even though these starter sets can have entry level plastic, they are typically good enough to get you hooked on the game. 

On top of different plastic types there are different disc types to be aware of.  Most of these starter sets include a putter, also known as an approach disc, mid-range, and some type of driver.  Let’s briefly look at the disc types below.

1. Drivers

Drivers are all about gripping and ripping it down the course. This is typically the disc you will pull out of your bag for the tee shot.  The shape of the driver is normally flat with a wide rim.  This profile helps them to cut through the air faster and fly farther.

Check the speed rating on a driver disc.  It’s the first number listed on a disc’s flight specs.  The higher the number the more power you will need to use in order for the disc to hold true to fly its intended flight path.  Typically a beginner doesn’t have enough control to use enough power and get the disc up to speed.  So, something to look for when picking a disc golf set and reviewing the driver specs. 

Another thing to be aware of in terms of drivers is the two types of drivers.  Lets dig into the two driver types below…

Distance Drivers: driver discs typically labeled or thought of as distance drivers will normally have a bit of a wider rim than a control driver.  This will allow it to fly further given that the player can actually get it up to speed.  Most new players do not have the coordination established to really launch a disc (I might have tripped over my feet a few times when starting out – ha). Their arm strength is just not where it will be after a season of practice and playing. Therefore, we wouldn’t necessarily hand a new player a distance driver. Then again, we all want to launch our discs 500 feet down the course. So after a few rounds, you will want to pick one of these discs up and try it out. 

Control/Fairway Drivers: typically have a smaller rim than a distance driver.  For that fact alone they won’t be able to fly as far given an equal arm speed.  That’s not to say a control driver can’t be launched several hundred feet. It just doesn’t normally take as much arm power to make it so.  These are great discs to give a new player. They typically fly a little straighter and skip less at the end. 

If you want some more information on drivers and a selection of awesome individual drivers to try out this season, check out our article Best Disc Golf Driver Discs for Beginners.

2. Mid-Range

Mid-range golf discs are typically used for the shot after the tee shot. Although for shorter tee shots you might choose to use a mid-range. Typically these discs are pulled out of the bag for shots between 100 and 300 feet. A mid-range disc will normally offer better control and accuracy than a distance driver. Check out some of the most stable mid-range discs out there.

3. Putter

Putters are for shots typically less than 100 feet. Putters are also considered approach discs…as in approaching the basket.  They normally have low turn rating in their specs so that their flight pattern is straight. Most of the putters on our list above have a turn of 0. These discs will fly slow but are easy to control and usually don’t fly very far. Here are some awesome putters to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many discs do I need to play disc golf?

A. In theory you could go out and play a round of disc golf with only one disc.  However, at a minimum it is recommended to carry 3, one for each range of shot.  This would include a Driver, Mid-Range, and Putter disc, which is what all of the above starter packs include. As you progress in the sport you will find having a variety of discs is helpful and also possibly necessary. 

Q. When should I throw each of the different disc types?

A. The driver disc is typically used for distance and off the tee shot.  Pull these out when you’re taking your first shot down the course. The mid-range is normally used when you need less distance, but also a bit more control than the driver.  The two can be inner mixed though depending on the distance of the throw, obstacles in the way, and control. The putter is used for shorter distances, striking the basket, and for shots requiring less power.

Q. How far do frisbee golf discs go?

A. There’s a lot of factors that go into the flight pattern of a disc and ultimately how far it will travel.  Everything from how much power you put behind it, to using a good grip, and the overall form you use when throwing. Then you have lighter weight discs vs heavier and the discs flight ratings play a factor as well. That said, it’s a valid question as knowing will help you gauge where you are in your disc golf journey.  Typically a beginner will be able to throw a disc 100-200ft.  An intermediate player should be able to reach the 300ft distance, and then an advanced player goes beyond that. Pro’s can launch discs in the upper 500 range. 

No Excuses, Get Started!

Between our Disc golf 101 Beginners Guide and this article covering the Best Disc Golf Sets for Beginners, you really have no excuse to not get started.  Order a starter set today, go to the park or backyard and have some practice sessions, then find a local course and go play. You’ll be hooked and want information to improve your game, read our  5 Tips to Improve Your Disc Golf Game article. The weather is great here today, so I am going to field for some distance practice.

Take Care!


I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!