Most Expensive Disc Golf Discs: Quick Dash

Our quick dash series continues by answering your questions.  This week we noticed a lot of curiosity popping up about what is the most expensive disc golf discs? And although our quick dash series is mostly about serious questions such as: how to throw the backhand, we couldn’t help but have a little fun with this one. So if you’re ready to know why Your Game Sucks and how to Spite Your Caddy with the Most Ballin’ High-End Disc, read on…

Researching the Most Expensive Disc Golf Disc

You might be questioning the validity of this article and its sources.  But, much like Alice chasing rabbits once we started down the inevitable hole (also known as google), we couldn’t stop.  With that said, there might be some misnomers in our research.  And I would argue that finding the golden ticket to this challenging question is equivalent to hitting a moving basket. Seriously though, when is someone building a mini disc golf course with a windmill and moving basket, because I am totally signing up for that tournament!

Curious Minds Have to Know

Trust me, I understand, once the question is presented you have to know.  And why shouldn’t you these days, the answer is only a finger tap away.  Which brought you here, to our little corner of the disc golf world, disc golf network, disc golf scene.  If you’re new here, welcome to quick dash series, where we get you “serious” answers to your not so serious disc golf questions.  Seriously though, what is the most expensive disc golf disc?

Most expensive disc golf disc on Amazon

A quick search and sort on Amazon for Disc Golf Discs shows the most expensive to be the Innova Limited Edition Tour Series.  This Nate Sexton Champion Glow Firebird Distance Driver Golf Disc is listed for a mere $169. Feel free to click on this overtly obvious affiliate link to purchase it below and thank you in advance for supporting this writer’s humble existence – Ha! 

Nate Sexton Champion Glow Firebird Distance Driver

Most Expensive Disc Golf Discs

However, for those of us yet to win your first DGT tournament championship and collect some expendable funds, you can pick up a Innova Firebird at a much lower price. 

Innova Firebird (9,3,0,4)

But this certainly isn’t the highest priced disc golf disc that has been bought.  Keep reading to learn more…

High Priced Disc Golf Disc Auctions

In 2020 Discmania, the manufacturer of legendary discs such as the FD Fairway Driver, and the Evolution Neo Instinct , reported the most expensive disc golf disc from their lineup to be auctioned at a whopping $2,750. 

The story goes that this was all for a good cause.  People love giving to charity so perhaps this played into the final price a bit.  Regardless, Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte graciously offered up a rare colored Sky God that had never been played with signature.  After receiving payment he went on to donate the funds splitting the total between both Kids Disc Golf and UPlayDG. 

You can see the story here:

If you thought that was the most expensive disc golf disc on the list you would be wrong. And just in case you’re going on a tv game show soon where knowing what is the most expensive disc golf disc trivia wins you a lot of money (remember me), then I suggest you keep reading.  But before you do, be sure to get a copy of the Trivial Pursuit Game: Stuff You Should Know Edition, to up your trivia skills.

Continuing Our Search for The Most Expensive Disc Golf Disc

A bit more of googling led us deeper in the rough…with forums, disc golf resell sites, and finally another resource famous for auctions. Using the same methods we filtered on Amazon, we took our search to Ebay.  Here, a quick search for disc golf discs led us to some interesting returns. 

First on the list was a true disc golf disc…the Discraft OG Get Freaky Cryztal Flx Zone Silver Holo Set w/ Bonus *SIGNED* DGLO is currently going for $3,000. Yep you read that right…this has got to be the most expensive disc golf disc, right?

Most Expensive Disc Golf Discs

Well…depending on you being a purest and needing us to technically stay with disc golf discs, you might be right.  However, we’re pretty sure no one is reading this article for purity reasons alone. So with that, take a look at this crazy priced Channel frisbee…sure it’s carbon and it is Channel (my wife says she believes it), but a frisbee for $6000+ is crazy. 

Getting back to actual discs used in the sport of disc golfing, an updated search on Ebay brought us to one signed by Brodie Smith.  The Brodie Smith Autographed Limited 1/100 Darkhorse Raptor 1 of 2 Smoke variation is currently listed at a whopping $4,999.  And while the color variation and signature make it a rare find, one has to question if the buyer will ever actually fling this thing down the fairway. 

Most Expensive Disc Golf Discs

In all of our “research and analysis” this could arguably come down to being the most expensive disc golf disc. But if you know of one out there that went for a higher price leave a comment below.  Also, I had a few others at the drafting of this article but seemingly they changed pricing by a decimal point or two…so perhaps that’s what’s going on here – ha.

Going for the Gold…

Well this certainly turned out to be one of my favorite topics to research and write up. I will be keeping my eye out for new additions to this topic and update it when McBeth or Wysocki come out with a gold plated version of their signature line. Note: this article may have been researched and produced with assistance from co-writers Jameson and Tullamore.  Until next time, stay humble and keep your collection fresh.



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