Most Stable Mid-Range Discs: 2022

If you read our article on understanding the difference between an overstable vs understable disc, you got a quick taste of some discs with these characteristics.  However, we wanted to provide a more extensive list and focus on the most stable mid-range discs for 2022.  

I personally like making and researching these lists as it gives me a chance to catch up on what the manufacturers have been developing.  It also lets me discover new discs to try and get feedback from our readers.  At the end of the day though, it gives us all a point of reference. 

So if you’re on the lookout for some new discs and you want them to be stable or even overstable…well bookmark this one because it’s full of options.  We broke this article down by the top manufacturers.  We then summarize their offerings of discs in the mid-range category with the stable or overstable characteristics.  From there we scoured the forums, chat rooms, and even bought a few.  Ok,  maybe more than a few, but who’s judging?  All in the name of providing a comprehensive list that helps analyze discs in the stable range. 

For those that didn’t read the article on understanding the difference between an overstable vs understable discs, let’s kick things off with a quick definition.  Then we will move into the list so you can quickly assess and pick out a few new options to play with this season.

What is an Overstable Disc?

The definition of an overstable disc golf disc is a disc who’s flight path turns the opposite direction of the throwing hand.  So a right handed player throwing an overstable disc should see it turn left.  Overstable discs typically have a Turn rating of +1 or higher.  

Stable to Overstable Mid-Range Discs Made By Prodigy

Prodigy H1 v2 

Flight Numbers: 11 l 4 l 0 l 3

Most Stable Mid-Range Discs

Prodigy wasn’t messing around when they updated the H1 from version 1 to 2.  They know that the H1 is loved and a good flier, but tweaked the rim depth to make it easier to grip.  This inherently produced a faster speed and bit more glide. Regardless of choosing between 440, 500, or 750 plastic you’ll be happy to have this rig in the overstable section of your bag.  Grab it here: Prodigy H1 v2.

Prodigy Ace Line M Model S 

Flight Numbers: 6 | 4 | 0 | 3

Most Stable Mid-Range Discs

Don’t let the long winded name detour you.  The Ace line from Prodigy has it all, including a fairway driver, mid-range, and putter.  This is arguably their most popular line of discs and has something for everyone to try. The line M Model S is exactly what we are looking for, stability with a bit lower speed.  These flight characteristics are perfect for the beginner looking to work different shot shapes by changing the release angle (read our article on shot shapes if you’re new to the game: The basics of disc golf throws). I think Prodigy describes the M Line best: “Players will be able to navigate tight fairways or throw longer approaches with confidence. Work with it at any angle to hit that perfect line. With a slightly larger diameter than drivers, M Model discs are designed for control and provide a great tool for players to learn different disc flights on both drives and approach shots.” So be sure to include one of the Line M Model S discs in your quiver for when you’re just not sure what to throw.

Stable to Overstable Mid-Range Discs Made By DiscCraft

Discraft Elite Z Wasp

Flight Numbers: 5 | 3 | 0 | 2

Most Stable Mid-Range Discs

The Wasp is a bit more stable than the Buzzz.  With almost no turn and a large bead the disc flies straight.  Making it perfect for those technical shots.  I personally can’t get much distance out of my Wasp, but that’s not really the intention.  I use this for approach shots more than anything and consider it one of my reliable flying discs that doesn’t require much arm strength or power. Swat that basket with your DiscCraft Wasp!

Discraft Malta

Flight Numbers: 5 | 4 | 1 | 3

Coming straight from the pro line by Paul McBeth, the Malta is the solution for those needing stability with a bit of distance.  This disc reminds me of my favorite Discraft Buzzz but more stable.  It has a wider diameter making it slightly beefier and perhaps not as approachable for the beginner player.  I don’t pull this one out every time but find myself continually going back to it in hopes I get better with it.  Check out the Malta here: Discraft Malta.

Stable to Overstable Mid-Range Discs Made By Innova

Innova Roc3

Flight Numbers: 5 | 4 | 0 | 3

Most Stable Mid-Range Discs

There is no mistaking why I put the Roc3 on this list.  Some would argue other mid-range discs try to mimic the Roc3.  Often falling short where the Roc3 stands out.  This is another staple in the #discgolfcommunity and has a following among the dedicated. It’s said to be one of the more versatile discs available.  Performing well in the wind and providing the thrower with a consistent fade at the end. This might be the perfect mid-range to transition into the stable line of discs.  A recent review on Infinite Discs by user @DiscYanker says it well: “It’s overstable and beats in to be very, very straight. Beginners like to use this as an approach disc, which I suppose is fine, but you’re not getting the true purpose from this disc. On a good rip you can pop this disc out 300-320′ with minimal fade. It’s very point and shoot if you have the power for it. I would suggest beginners stay away from champ plastic and go with DX or Star to get a better, straighter flight. I think the glide is a little higher than what’s listed.” Don’t delay this obvious choice, grab the Innova Roc3 today!

Innova Shark

Flight Numbers: 4 | 4 | 0 | 2

The Shark has to be on the list for mid-range discs from Innova. I love mine and most others would say the same. Innova claims it as the best all around mid-range and I can concur with that depiction.  I wouldn’t say the Shark is going to fly the farthest, nor would I say it’s always a smooth shot, but for some reason it feels good and releases well. The line holds true and almost always the same in flight. The Shark comes in the Innova Starter Set but over time, you will want to upgrade to the higher end plastic. Pickup the Shark here:  Innova Shark.  

Stable to Overstable Mid-Range Discs Made By Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice

Flight Numbers: 5 | 1 | .5 | 4

We featured the Lucid Justice in our Overstable vs Understable article and rightfully so. With a speed of only 5 and a turn of .5, this overstable disc should justifiably be on your list to try.  The one downside to this disc is the fade spec.  At 4 its going to drop quickly towards the end of its flight…that might put off the beginner.  But with lucid plastic you’ll be sure to have plenty of time getting used to the nuances before it gets heavily chipped. The Justice feels great as both a backhand and forehand. As a side note, I reached out to Dynamic Discs for an understanding of why the Glide rating went from a 3 to a 1…their response: “When DD bought Westside, we noticed there were inconsistencies with the flight numbers across the 3 brands so we updated the flight numbers on some discs. I don’t have an exact list of which molds were updated but that is most likely the reason you’re seeing 2 numbers.”  Pick one up here: Dynamic Disc Justice. 

Dynamic Discs Emac Truth

Flight Numbers: 5 | 5 | 0 | 2

Most Stable Mid-Range Discs

The Truth is a popular disc and the Emac is said to be the more stable version of it. I was told to use it on upshots as it won’t turnover and fly off into the woods.  We have a lot of upshots here in the highlands so this was rewarding to test out…those who mentioned it were really telling the truth.  Ok, too soon, maybe, but the bottom line is that this disc is a solid choice for your mid-range stable disc section in the bag. Select your DD Emac Truth and let us know if were lying in the comments below.

Stable to Overstable Mid-Range Discs Made By Discmania

Discmania Mutant

Flight Numbers: 5 | 3 | 0 | 4

Most Stable Mid-Range Discs

Designed to have no round surfaces. The Mutant has a low glide and can cut through a headwind.  If you need a mid-range shot to fade quickly and get you out of a tough spot, this is the disc. It may take some time getting used to the rim and the way it feels during release. I use it more as a utility disc to layup and park the disc where I need it. Choose your Mutant here: Discmania Evolution Mutant. 

Discmania Maestro

Flight Numbers: 4 | 3 | 0 | 2

Most Stable Mid-Range Discs

If John Williams directed Discmania to develop a masterpiece it might just be the perfect music to the way this disc feels during release. The Maestro has a nice bead to it, making it smooth for both the backhand and forehand thrower. It won’t fade as much as the Mutant, which is nice when you need something to loft a bit longer towards the end of the flight. Conduct your shot and put the Discmania Maestro in the orchestra today. 

A Balanced Selection…

All of the discs on this list are great options for your mid-range shots. We not only purchased nearly everyone of them but bag them on a regular basis.  We also took the time to view others opinions and read their reviews in order to keep the selection as stable as possible. As always, we appreciate anyone willing to support our banter with a purchase through our affiliate links. Here’s to good luck on your upshots. 

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