21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

If you’re searching for the best disc golf shoes then you’ve come to the right place.  At this point, your game is probably getting a little more serious and you are looking for any equipment that provides an edge or helps you enjoy the experience a bit more. Considering that shoes are the first thing to touch the ground and disc golf is a ground to air game, shoes will play an important factor in one’s ability to perform. 

Like me though you might not need a particular shoe for every hobby, project, or adventure you take on.  Rather, you look for something that is capable and versatile enough to provide value in several aspects of your life. Don’t fret, I have just the shoe for you, and it’s not another generic tennis shoe.

However, perhaps you’re ready to splurge a bit because #discgolfislife and it’s time to get specialized gear. Read on to find the shoe that fits…

Why Disc Golf Shoes Are Important 

Not just any shoe is appropriate for disc golf. Finding the perfect shoe may be nearly impossible, but when it comes to the best disc golf shoes, there should be certain characteristics you particularly look for. 

  • Lots of Walking: You know how much walking is involved in a full round of disc golf?. Well, a nine hole course could equal a couple of miles by the time you finish your half round. So, the shoe you walk in during disc golf is an important piece of equipment. 
  • Unpredictable Trail: In disc golf, you could be throwing your disc through the trees, up hills, and on terrain with unpredictable surfaces. Imagine hiking to your layup shot and losing your grip…the embarrassment, possible injury, and heaven forbid spillage of that frosty beverage, all because you’re wearing the wrong shoe.  Stability and good traction are keys to have in a disc golf shoe. 
  • Unpredictable Motions: Our movement is apt to get a little wilder and freer in disc golf than in ball golf, so it’s deserving to say you want shoes that are sturdy and durable. The run up tee shot alone is a bit of a dance…don’t slip.

With all that said, when you play disc golf, it pays to have a comfortable shoe, that is durable, and also has the style that’s just for you.  Finally it needs to make you feel confident and allow you to have a great performance. 

Choosing the Right Shoes for Disc Golf

There are different kinds of shoes for disc golf. Some have more traction on the bottom of the shoe so they can grip the ground better. Some shoes have bottoms that are made from synthetic rubber so they don’t stick to the ground as you walk. This allows for a better feel for your foot placement and helps you with accuracy during your throw.

Grip is important because it will help you maintain your balance when throwing discs.  Grip will also improve your overall confidence one wet, and slippery portions of the course. 

As always, comfort should be a top consideration when buying disc golf shoes because if they don’t fit right then it will affect your performance on the field.

Best Disc Golf Shoes 

So here we go. Here are the best disc golf shoes: 

1. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 GTX 

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

This shoe definitely delivers in stability and traction. Worn by several professionals of the sport, they are a top recommendation for those serious about Disc Golf, while giving you an option for hiking and trail running. 


This is a waterproof shoe made with GORE-TEX material that protects your feet from the weather and keeps them dry all day. The cushioning of the sole is specifically designed for comfort and provides added support while you’re on your feet all day. The overall design of the shoe is pretty impressive. It’s definitely an athlete’s shoe with a breathable ripstop mesh upper with TPU overlays. That helps to ensure durability and support as well. As an added bonus, the laces are easy to lace up and you don’t have to worry about adjusting them at any time during the game.

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts 

This is definitely a quality shoe and one of the go-to shoes for disc golf. However, you may not be able to get the color in your size. I wear a 10.5 – 11 and could not get the grey pair I wanted but opted for the green. After about 3 months I am still happy with the shoe. 

2. Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoe 

This is a hiking shoe that has proven to be durable in all types of terrain, which makes it a good option for disc golf. Salomon is known as a reliable hiking/trail running shoe manufacturer and the X Ultra 3 is no slouch. 


It’s rubberized, which provides the durability you need during the game. If your course has a lot of inclines and descents this shoe is highly recommended as it helps to protect and keep you stable during the worst terrain conditions thanks to its Descent Control Technology. 

It also holds up well in wet conditions, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Speaking of comfort, this shoe has a molded sock line that offers a lot of ventilation and total comfort. The midsole, made with high-performance EVA foam, is also shock resistant. 

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts 

Both of my best friends wear this shoe and love it. This is definitely a great shoe for disc golf. However, if you have a bigger foot than most, note that the toe box is just a bit smaller than most shoes. 

3. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe 

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

Another great hiking shoe, so you know it’s going to be a great accompaniment for the average disc golfer. 


This hiking shoe is dynamically fit to meet the needs of an avid disc golfer. It’s durable, tough, and can withstand almost anything. Made with high-performance leather and a mesh upper that makes it easy to move around in. It’s great for the constant moving around that comes with disc golf, especially when dealing with inclined surfaces. 

The shoe is also extremely comfortable, with an air cushion on the heel, which makes for shock absorption and stability. It also has great ventilation with a breathable mesh lining. One other great thing about this shoe is the protective rubber toe cap. This keeps the shoe from wearing as fast. 

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts 

This is definitely a great shoe all around and would meet the needs of most disc golfers. Just be cautious of the narrow fit of the toe box. It could be uncomfortable for the foot without the proper adjustments. These shoes have a long standing following with over 20,000 5 star ratings. However, the manufacturer might be changing the overall design. For the price, they are worth a try, especially given the specs and history of success. 

4. KEEN Targhee 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoe 

This shoe has everything the avid disc golfer needs to have a great performance: comfortability and durability, and it’s not a bad shoe to look at. 


When you’re playing in extreme weather conditions, this is a great choice. Whether it be rain or snow, these waterproof hiking shoes will keep your feet dry under any conditions. It’s an all-terrain shoe, which makes it perfect for mountainous, rocky disc golf courses with uneven surfaces. It has a high-traction grip to help you navigate all types of conditions. 

It’s also very comfortable. It has a padded pad and collar that provides extreme comfort to the upper portion of your feet and it offers extra arch support. 

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts 

It’s difficult to find a perfect shoe to meet a specific need, but this shoe comes extremely close to it. I love my Keen’s.  My first pair of their sandals lasted 8 years…yes you’re reading that right and that was during a time when I wore them all summer long. My second pair is still looking fresh and holding up nicely.  These shoes are built to last and have a great sticky rubber on the bottom.  You can’t go wrong with this selection. 

5. New Balance 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe 

We all know the brand makes great running shoes; some would call these the very best shoes to wear when playing disc golf if you have flat feet. 


The ultra-soft cushioning on the mid-sole offers supreme comfort. It’s cozy and snuggly and just provides unbelievable comfort even on the most unlevel surfaces. 

But that doesn’t imply it isn’t a tough shoe. The rubberized sole provides added toughness and the durability needed for the disc golfer. It grips well and has a comfy collar that hugs the ankle. That provides a great overall fit and prevents irritation. The leather uppers add to its toughness and is just an overall great shoe to have on the course. 

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts 

This is truly an overall great shoe, as near as perfect as they come. Contrary to the other shoes, the brand’s sizes may be a little smaller than the standard shoe size, so use caution when picking your size. New Balance is known for their great running shoes that offer support and comfort during those long runs. The other advantage of this shoe is that it should feel light and nimble on your foot. 

6. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Ax3 Hiking Boot 

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

This shoe is a great option for a disc golfer concentrated in a level area without the hills or uneven terrain.


Sometimes a disc golfer will find themselves on a course that’s pretty level. This is a great throwing shoe and serves the disc golfer well. This lightweight hiking boot is extremely tough and durable with rubberized soles. That doesn’t take away from its comfort. The EVA midsole feels like a dream on the underfoot and the shaft is ankle-high from the arch. Its molded toe cap provides additional comfort on top of everything else, which makes the overall foundation and comfort of the shoe exceptional, especially when you’re in constant movement. It’s got a fantastic grip, that’s noticeable even if you happen to come upon some uneven surfaces, which is kind of hard not to do when playing disc golf. 

A final added plus is the easy lace closure. The lace closure system makes adjusting the laces a pretty quick and simple process. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

When dealing with uneven or rugged terrain, you may find that the backside around the heel is a little loose. If your course is not too uneven, it will make a great shoe for the game. If you’re looking for something between a running shoe and a full on hiking boot, this is it. Adidas upgraded the shoe to have some of the rugged features from their winter boot: “​​AX3 Beta CW blends the performance of the AX3 and weather resistant features of some of our winter boots”. 

7. ALTRA ALOA4PE5 Lone Peak 4.5 Trail Shoe 

This trail running shoe provides the strength and durability any disc golfer needs to compete on the course.


This shoe is just as comfortable as any of the previous shoes mentioned, so it also meets the standard when it comes to the soles. It provides cushioning to the heel and the balanced cushioning between the heel and forefoot is also very comfortable. It feels good moving around on the terrain with low impact on the shoe. It’s exceptionally durable and holds up very well to any conditions of the course, and provides a firm grip as you’re navigating the course. 

This shoe is also exceptionally easy to lace, adding a much-needed convenience to the shoe. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

This is a great shoe for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves as having big feet, as the toe box is just a bit narrow. 

8. Columbia Crestwood Hiking Shoe 

This brand prides itself on being a step ahead of other brands when it comes to shoe design. It just so happens it also makes a pretty good shoe for a disc golfer. 


The shoe is designed for the activity of a disc golfer. On top of the incredible style and design, its versatility makes it great for navigating any type of disc golf course. It’s very durable, perhaps the most durable of other brands cited, thanks to its high-quality exterior leather and soft mesh. It’s also one of the most comfortable shoes ever. The superior cushioning and great ventilation provide superb comfort. 

It has an outstanding grip, perfect for uneven terrain, which makes it the right shoe for holding up in any topographical situation. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

This is definitely a great shoe to consider for disc golf. Should you decide to wear this shoe, a word of caution about sizing. Its sizes seem to be smaller than the standard shoe. 

9. Fila Midland Trail Running Shoe 

This shoe may be a surprise to you as Fila isn’t as recognized as it was in years past. But, looks like they’re back with a pretty decent shoe that’s perfect for disc golf. 


What a great feeling shoe. Great comfort with a nice snug fit. It provides a feeling of comfort as well as a sturdy feeling of durability. It holds up well and provides good traction and grip while on the disc golf course, even on steep, inclined surfaces. This is exactly what you’re looking for in a shoe when you’re on a course for disc golf.

The perfect stitching and fabric mesh only enhance the overall design and look of the shoe. The lace-up closure allows for a great, secure fit on your feet. It’s durable, a great fit, offers great protection, and is extremely comfortable. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

Overall, it’s a great shoe and a great effort by Fila. However, the sole of the shoe is problematic. The quality could be just a bit better. While this is a great shoe, it may serve the recreational disc golf player better than someone who plays on a regular basis. 

10. Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail m Running Shoe

Adidas is one of the few companies on the list that actually supports disc golf directly.  Though not said to be a shoe designed for the sport, there are several reviewers on Amazon that bought it just for that and gave it a high rating. 


A lighter shoe, the Rockadia is meant for overall performance and efficiency.  With an air mesh upper that keeps your feet cool and a synthetic overlay for added support.  Your feet will feel like taking on a second round with no hesitation. The bottom tread is spread wide for extra stability. With a semi-aggressive design you’ll have the grip needed for the course while at the same time be comfortable due to the extra cush of the sole. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

You might think it’s a bit chunky looking.  I prefer a low-profile look myself, but most of the “extra” comes off the back and that additional chunk is there for a reason…to provide stability. I would have liked a few other color options to choose from.  The flexibility of the upper mesh, that also provides ventilation, is key when throwing from the tee. 

11. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas comes at us again with a shoe that from the name should be an obvious addition to this list.  While not all things from ball golf translate to our more superior version of the game ;), this shoe certainly does. 


Lightweight shoe, low-profile, and durable…the perfect combination for a round at your local course. Designed with flexibility and comfort in mind, these shoes are for the player that wants a bit of an agile movement in their disc golf motion. The low-profile keeps your foot closer to the ground, giving you feel and a quick response to any misstep in the course. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

They come optionable with spikes or without.  I went without because I wear them for more than disc golfing.  We do play on tougher terrain than regular ball golf so it’s possible that a dedicated spiked shoe would serve you well, however, I am not sure how it would feel on rocky terrain.  My only complaint is I am not a big fan of a white bottom side-sole. It gets grass stains and like I said, I like to wear these for more than disc golfing.

12. Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe

Another golf specific shoe for the list comes from one of the largest golf companies in the world.  Callaway’s Balboa is perhaps one of the better looking shoes on the list and could be worn both on the course and perhaps to a clubhouse event.  Make no mistake though, these shoes are designed for performance and will keep your game on and off the course looking good. 


The Balboa might be the most breathable shoe on the list with its mesh upper.  Giving you a great option for those warmer months. Though spikeless the dura-rubber outsole has a unique pattern with multi-directional traction lugs to keep you on your feet when hiking the back 9.

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

Lightweight and breathable is the name of the game here with the Callaway Balboa. I wouldn’t use these as my everyday shoe on top of disc golfing and expect them to last long. But rather, when going to some of the nicer pay to play courses, or for tournaments, I might bust these out just in case DGPT is going to catch me on camera hitting that 250ft ace 😁. Callaway has some other options on Amazon as well, so by all means, take a look and decide which is best for you.

13. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kahana 8 Running Shoe

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

The Asics Kahana has been a long-standing reliable shoe in the running world.  This version is updated and meets the needs of the active individual who needs something nimble and steady. 


Lightweight, medium profile with Asics classic gel cushion system. While not as rugged as some of the true hiking shoes on this list, these should be more than capable on most disc golf courses. Asics DuoMax Support System has become a “household name” in the trail running world. The dual-density midsole system enhances support and stability.

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

Being an avid Asics fan, I have worn nearly 50 pairs of throughout my life. I love this shoe for days when I need to get in a quick jog or trail run. I would agree with some reviews that on very steep, wet, terrain they might slip more than other options with more aggressive tread.  These aren’t trying to be an aggressive trail running shoe. However, they are lighter shoes, and flexible without giving up comfort and padding in the heel area. The other interestinging aspect of Asics is that even when worn in and beaten up, they still retain the same characteristics as brand new.  I often need someone else to mention that I need new shoes before I actually notice. 

14. Adidas outdoor Men’s Caprock Gore-Tex Hiking Shoe

The Caprock from Adidas is the perfect balance between a trail running shoe and hiking shoe. It has the durable features of a hiking shoe without giving up the flexibility and nimbleness of a trail runner. This all translates to a disc golf shoe able to easily navigate the well manicured courses while still more than capable of handling the rougher terrain.  


The perfect example of balance between a trail runner and hiker shoe is shown in the front toe guard.  While a hiking shoe may have the entire foot box wrapped in a hard plastic/rubber, the Caprock provides just enough protection to not be overbearing but still come into use. Other features include the mesh upper, providing breathability and flex when needed, while balancing with the Traxion outsole for grip and durability.  

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

There might not be a more balanced shoe on the list. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not running marathons in this shoe or going on actual long trail runs, but for hiking, playing disc golf, and general everyday activity they are simply what is needed. I would have liked a few more color options and designs to choose from.  But, for the price point and features you’re going to get value out of this offering.

15. Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Waterproof Hiking Shoe

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

A true multi-sport shoe with waterproof materials and construction, the Trailstorm is a nice option to hit the course no matter the terrain. Columbia is a well respected clothing company who has been designing and manufacturing shoes to fit the outdoor enthusiasts needs for years.


A mid-level profile comparable to the Asics Kahana, the Trailstorm was built to give you an all around weather resistant option. Columbia introduced us to their OMNI technology in their well built clothing line and has extended it to their shoe line in the last couple of years. The proprietary technology provides air-permeable protection that’s waterproof and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter the conditions. The balance between flexibility when shooting from the tee while providing enough stiffness on the rough terrain, allows for an all around shoe to take you on and off the course.  A unique traction with 4 mm lugs that angle front and rear in orientation provide the optimal balance between traction and durability on a variety of terrain

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

I was excited to get my hands on a pair of these…as an owner of several clothing options from Columbia and have never been disappointed from a performance standpoint. Though I might opt for my asics if going for a run, and I might throw on my Adidas Tech Response if I am getting in a serious round of disc golf, but these seem to strike the balance between the two. I find myself putting these on to take the dog out for a walk in the morning, and just leaving them on to find myself playing a quick 9 at the local course. 

16. ABAO Hiking Shoes

Although not a big brand name Abao has a bit of a following that gives it 4 stars or better.  Sure this might not be an all day AT trail hiking shoe.  Or you might want to leave them balled up in your bag to slip on when entering the water hazard, but for certain climates they could be multi functional and provide just enough features to play a quick round. 


Lightweight flexible mesh is the feature here. The quick laces could be a bit stronger but I see this as a slip on option with a bit of reinforcement. Low profile provides the ability to feel the ground and stabilize quickly. Packable, can be balled up and stuffed in bags or flattened to fit in under the car seat. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

Ok I will admit this to being an odd addition to our best disc golf shoe list. But, I have high hopes for this being an interesting option. Up here in the highlands we have lots of waterways, creeks, and wet rocky terrain. My hope is that this shoe is a nice summer option that I don’t mind dunking in the water trap to retrieve a disc (or two – lol). At this price point, why not? While I wouldn’t see these as my all day shoes, they might make for a nice option to keep in the car or balled up in the bag.  Perhaps if we do a “pretty good” disc golf shoe list these would be worthy, but to each their own.  Again, for the price, I plan on stashing some in my truck and throw them on for shorter rounds where the ground might be a bit wet or down right soaked.

17. THESTRON Breathable Golf Trainers 

A trending option at the time of this writing, the Threstron golf trainers are another sport specific shoe to add to your options.  With over 1000 positive reviews and counting, there is something about this shoe that sticks out to those hitting the course. . 


A spiked shoe may not be optimal for all disc golf courses.  And if your not used to using a spiked shoe this could be a turnoff.  However, some players serious to the game love having that excellent traction and feel. A mid to low profile style with just enough cushion in the heel and just enough connection to the ground makes for a high performing golf shoe. The mesh microfiber upper is both stylish and easy to clean while at the same time provides ample air flow. Multiple colors to choose from. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

The price point for these spiked shoes made it a no brainer to add to our list. My friend who plays both ball and disc golf loves his pair and helped me decide that they were a worthy addition. He points out that the extra grip of the spikes are confidence boosting.  However, his style from the tee isn’t to take big run ups and launches.  He did go on to say that he felt like his fairway  shots have a bit more power to them because of the additional grip in the shoe…an interesting thought that we might just need to test ourselves. Finally, his last justification came from the fact that other name brand spiked golf shoes run a lot higher in pricing and really don’t perform any better.  If you’re a multi-golf type of player, this might be a nice option for you.

18. Adidas Terrex Ax4 Shoes

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

You may be thinking we have sponsorship from Adidas with this being the 6th shoe on our list from their lineup…we’re not (but hey Adidas feel free to hit us up). The purpose of adding the Terrex Ax4 isn’t to overwhelm you with Adidas options, but rather give you an option in their lineup that is a little less pricey and yet still holds some of the qualities and characteristics the other options might include. 


Like we said the Terrex Ax4 is a no frills shoe with that classic Adidas style and fit. However, don’t turn a smug look to this option. With a Mesh and synthetic upper for lightweight and comfort you will find a familiarity in the way this shoe feels.  The inner molded sockliner helps enhance comfort and fit. Not the lightest shoe on the list, but also not the heaviest. Multiple colors to fit your style. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

I think Adidas says it best about this shoe: “Quiver-of-one trail shoes. From forest hikes to alpine adventures, these adidas Terrex hiking shoes let you explore high and low, near or far. Their dual-density design merges the comfort of a cushioned trail runner with the stability of a hiking shoe to take on hikes, scrambles and via ferratas. The all-conditions grip of Continental Rubber means you can trust the AX4 to get you anywhere you want to go”. For me though this is just a really nice shoe at a really reasonable price that has me debating if any of their other options are really worth it.

19. ASICS Men’s Lyte Classic Shoes

Sometimes you need rugged aggressive traction and sometimes you need simple and classic style. That’s where the Asics Lyte comes into play. 


This shoe is constructed with a suede makeup that’s complemented with a gum rubber outsole for a throwback look. Simplified with an EVA midsole construction, this sneaker is made to promote lasting comfort and support. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

If you’ve read our above reviews you know we have tested and tried our fair share of Asics shoes.  The Lyte pays homage to the classic recognizable style of the Asics heritage, while adding a bit of padding on the under sole. This shoe won’t keep your feet totally dry if you dunk it in a puddle, it won’t keep you from sliding on some loose off-camber terrain, but for an everyday run around you will feel like you’re wearing a pair of laced up slippers. 

20. Adidas Men’s Terrex Agravic Cross Trainers Trail Running Shoe

The Agravic is used by pro disc golfers. Developed as a cross trainer for the pro athlete it is lightweight and yet performs like a durable hiking shoe. A good choice for the intermediate to advanced player looking to up your game. 


Top performance during any athletic endeavor, this shoe keeps comfort in mind while providing you with excellent grip on the course. Lightweight and breathable, the Terrex Agravic will flex for you on that pivot toe for a natural and confident tee shot. Classic continental sole for added grip on the rock and paved surfaces, with a slightly more aggressive tread then the Asics options on the list.  

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

We can’t deny that Adidas has really developed a nice lineup for the Disc Golf enthusiast. And while I don’t personally own a pair of these shoes, plenty of other disc golfers do, both at the amatuer and pro levels. Great ratings, decent price, unique designs, and proven quality all add up to a winner in our books. 

21. PUMA Men’s Ignite Fasten8 Disc Golf Shoe

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

We aren’t going to pull any punches here, the “disc” in the name doesn’t refer to our sport but rather the quick lacing disc system.  But make no mistake, Puma has a nice golf shoe here and you can get it with laces if you prefer. 


The Ignite features a synthetic sole, a full-length foam mid-sole for comfort.  It’s wrapped in what Puma deems as Sole Shield for durability.  The shoe has a bit of a water resistance to it as long as you don’t dunk your foot into a water hazard. The Disc latching technology provides for a secure and snug fit. The Puma Ignite disc golf shoe might be a good option for you. These shoes are very comfortable and yet provide great traction. You can feel the grip as you walk the course with the best part being they don’t require a long time to break-in. 

Disc Golf Dash Thought 

Rounding out our list with something classic and stylish, Puma has always been an athlete’s shoe company. I prefer laces and ordered my Ignites as such. The multiple color options makes for a hard choice because all look good on and off the course. I went with the navy and silver combo.  So far I am happy with the feel and my wife likes the look.  Puma does a great job at balancing their shoes for the low profile enthusiast such as myself while keeping enough performance features to satisfy the athlete.  I might not hike for days in these shoes, but I have played a full round and then walked for a few miles on the beach all in comfort. 

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Pair Of Shoes For Disc Golf

  • Type of Shoes: There really isn’t a disc golf shoe per se.  At least not at the moment.  Adidas has stepped up the game in supporting the sport and I expect that as it continues to grow we will indeed see specific shoes that at least market themselves for the game.  Part of this though might be due to the unique diverse needs of a disc golfer.  Hence the reason we provided a lot of different options on our list.
    • Hiking shoes: robust, aggressive tread, plenty of support, but heavier shoes and bulky.
    • Trail running shoes: similar qualities to the hiking shoe, but less robust and a lot less heavy
    • Flat Shoes: very lightweight minimalist shoes that won’t last as long as a hiking or trail running option.  However, focused on comfort and style these shoes are usually a little cheaper and can go on or off course.
    • Golf shoes: designed to perform on the tee and fairway of a well manicured course, these might have a better traction then the flat shoe but still less robustness than a hiking or trail running shoe. 

Finding something that allows you to pivot on your foot, while maintaining grip and balance, and can resist the forces applied to the side of the shoes is quite the trick. Since disc golf is still growing (#growthesport), it might not make sense for shoe manufacturers to develop and market a specific product for this purpose alone. 

  • Recommended Shoes for Disc Golf: I mentioned it in the reviews but I actually go against the typical player and prefer a more flat shoe. To clarify though, I prefer this shoe in my everyday life. With both rock climbing and mountain biking as my other hobbies I have strong feet, and want something relaxing but comfortable when disc golfing.  I’m pretty balanced and nimble for my age, and so I don’t feel like I require the shoe to do the work for me…in fact, I sort of want it out of the equation.  

With that said though, most players seem to enjoy using a hiking or trail running shoe. All of my friends in fact play in either the Adidas options listed above or with the more aggressive tread seen in the Salomon X Ultra. These two types of shoes are the most diverse and can handle just about anything disc golf is going to throw at it. Note however, where you’re playing.

  • Course Design: picking the perfect disc golf shoe might come down to where you play most often. If you’re on a paid to play well manicured course you might appreciate the simplicity and comfort of a flatter shoe.  Not needing the additional grip or stability a more bulky hiking shoe offers.

However, if the courses you play on are often overgrown, or on the side of a mountain, have rough hilly terrain, then you probably want something more suitable for those needs. I have two pairs that I kept from several I tried and returned out of the list above. One is more for trail running in general and another is for casual play on the flatter courses that are well maintained. 

  • Waterproof shoes: some shoes claim to be waterproof while others are water resistant and still some don’t attempt to dip into that pool at all. Regardless of what you think each means, there is nothing on this list that will keep your foot completely dry if you decide to go for a swim and retrieve that custom dyed Destroyer disc you shanked into the water hazard. Ask yourself though how important it really is to have a waterproof shoe…do you play in the rain a lot?

At the same time having a wet foot, because the course is unmaintained and those afternoon showers decided to appear for 15 minutes of glorious relief from the midday sun, is just no fun. 

My solution has always been to keep an extra pair in the truck. We even have an option on the list that is packable and could fit in some of the larger disc golf bags. I would also suggest taking an extra pair of socks if playing a tournament and expecting any kind of rain. 

Final Steps…

If you’ve come this far with your game you probably have a nice set of discs, a few disc golf related accessories, and a bag to hold it all.  Why not consider taking the next step in your disc golf equipment and focus on your feet. 

In this article we continue to expand the options for the best disc golf shoes.  As more readers provide feedback and we see more companies add to their selections we will do the same. If you have a favorite pair of kicks that others could benefit from, support the community and leave a comment below.




I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!