Disc Golf Dash Review : Dynamic Discs Escape

As an avid disc golfer, I’m always on the lookout for new discs to add to my bag. Recently, I’ve been testing out the Dynamic Discs Escape, and I have to say, I’m impressed. This disc is a fantastic addition to any player’s arsenal, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

Dynamic Discs Background

Dynamic Discs started as an online disc golf store in March of 2005 and transitioned into a disc golf retailer and disc golf manufacturer by partnering with Latitude 64° in December of 2012. 

The company now offers a full bag lineup, from beginner-friendly to professional-grade, as well as a variety of carts and accessories. Dynamic Discs also offers educational programs and social media content to help players improve their game.

At the start of 2023 Dynamic Discs was fully acquired by House of Discs to complete the long-term relationship between Trilogy Discs. Even so, they remain a unique disc golf company providing players with original designs and products. 

Dynamic Discs Lineup

Dynamic Discs offers a full lineup of disc golf products for all skill levels. Everything from disc golf bags to every type of disc golf disc needed to fill those bags. Since the Escape is considered a fairway driver, let’s take a look at some of their similar discs below: 

Dynamic Discs Fairway Drivers

Note: The list above is specific to the Dynamic Discs fairway drivers and does not include discs from Latitude 64 or Westside Discs.

What is the Dynamic Discs Escape?

The Dynamic Discs Escape is a stable fairway driver that is perfect for all levels of disc golfers. It has a straight flight path that makes it easy to throw and control, and it is also very reliable in the wind. The Escape is a great choice for beginners and experienced players alike, and it is sure to help you improve your game.

What are the benefits of the Dynamic Discs Escape?

After throwing the Escape for several field practice sessions and during some recent course play, along with reading a ton of user reviews, I broke down the reasons you may be interested in adding it to your inventory:

  • Glide: The Escape seems to add a bit of distance and hang time due to it’s high glide. While my Latitude 64 River has a higher glide, the Escape was easier to throw and control. This makes it a great choice for beginners who are still learning how to throw a disc.
  • Breaks in: Though the Escape starts out a little stable, it breaks in relatively quickly and goes from the typical right the left stable flight path to flipping up just enough for some easy distance gains. 
  • Reliability in the wind: The Escape is also very reliable in the wind. This makes it a great choice for players who live in windy areas or who often play in windy conditions.
  • Durability: The Escape is made from durable plastic that is designed to withstand wear and tear. It comes in multiple plastic types giving you the option to choose. This makes it a great choice for players who are looking for a disc that will last for a long time.
  • Feel: The Escape has a smaller rim than most higher speed distance drivers. This could make it a great addition for those with smaller hands. Where I feel my Westside Sword rim to be a bit big, I feel the Escape to be a bit small…however, neither prevents me from throwing each.   

Here is a nice summary video of the Escape from Dynamic Discs

How to throw the Dynamic Discs Escape

The Escape is versatile enough to be thrown in multiple ways. This adds value to a disc and perhaps makes it worth buying in a couple of plastic types. 

  • Backhand: As a backhand throw you can put it on a hyzer angle and watch it flip/turn a bit to level off and slightly fade at the end. To throw the Dynamic Disc Escape on a backhand hyzer do this:

    Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, putting the front foot slightly in front of the back, and hold the disc in your dominant hand. Grip the disc with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath, known as the power grip. Then, reach your arm back rotating at the hips. Bring it forward with increasing momentum, rotating at the hips, and pushing with your back leg, followed by releasing the disc from your hand. The disc should fly in a straight line towards the target. Read our article on how to throw the backhand for a full breakdown and tips.
  • Roller: For big arms and strong throwers you can put the Escape on an AnHyzer angle and it will become a roller. While this would certainly take practice for a beginner to achieve, I found it reasonably easy to be a consistent roller, and I wouldn’t say my arm is the strongest.
  • Forehand: Finally, as a forehand, I found the Escape felt good. If anything it might not be stable enough to get a good hooking hyzer line from the flick, but for me, I’ll take the bit of turn it provides, making my forehand look better than what it truly is.

Being a fairway driver, I tend to throw the Escape further out than 30 ft from the basket but not beyond 150ft. That’s not to say those with stronger arms can’t launch this disc into the 300+ range, but typically I would use a distance driver for that type of throw. 

Tips For Throwing The Dynamic Discs Escape

Here are a few tips for throwing the Dynamic Discs Escape:

  • Use a smooth, fluid motion: When throwing the Escape, it is important to use a smooth, fluid motion. This will help you to get the most distance and accuracy out of your throw.
  • Release the disc on a flat plane: When releasing the disc, it is important to release it on a flat plane. This will help to ensure that the disc flies straight. As the disc breaks in you might tip the far side down a bit to release on a hyzer angle, allowing the turn to work its magic more and more.
  • Follow through with your throw: After you release the disc, it is important to follow through with your throw. This will help to generate more power and accuracy.

Where to buy the Dynamic Discs Escape

You can typically find the Dynamic Disc in just about any online or in-person disc golf store. Of course, if you like the articles we put together, we always appreciate you clicking one of our links to help us out a bit. But, be sure to support your local disc golf store when you’re nearby. 

Escape Dynamic Discs: The Basics

The Dynamic Discs Escape is a fairway driver that’s designed to be fast and accurate. It’s a versatile disc that can be used for a variety of shots, including hyzer flips, turnovers, straight shots, and even rollers. The Escape has a moderate amount of turn and fade, making it a reliable disc for players of all skill levels.

Dynamic Escape: How It Feels

One thing I really appreciate about the Dynamic Discs Escape is how it feels in my hand. The rim is comfortable and grippy, which makes it easy to get a good snap on the disc. The plastic has a nice amount of flex to it, which helps absorb some of the impact when the disc hits the ground. Overall, the Escape feels like a well-made disc that’s built to last.

The Dynamic Discs Escape comes in multiple plastic types including the ones we summarize for you below:

Dynamic Discs Escape Plastic Types

Plastic TypeDescription
LucidThe perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf.
FuzionFuzion combines the durability of Lucid with an advanced polymer to form a non-transparent blend of plastic. This plastic also provides players with additional grip.
Lucid AirLucid Air uses the same material as the durable Lucid plastic. It has solid plastic at the top and bottom of the rim to protect the microbubbles in the plastic on impact. These microbubbles actually make the disc lighter. They are spread out through the top of the disc and middle of the rim to keep the weight distribution nearly identical to Lucid and Fuzion discs.
Bio FuzionBioFuzion plastic is created in an effort to make disc golf more sustainable for the environment while still producing some of the highest quality discs on the market. 
SupremeThe First Run Supreme Escape is the dawn of a new era for premium plastic at Dynamic Discs. This brand-new disc pays homage to our original Escape fairway driver while embracing the next-generation features of the game-changing Supreme Plastic—a premium plastic line designed and engineered for today’s game.

Escape Disc Flight Numbers: How It Performs

The Dynamic Discs Escape has flight numbers 9, 5, -1, 2. This means that it’s a relatively fast fairway driver (speed 9) with a fair amount of glide (5) and a slight amount of turn (-1) before a consistent but honest fade at the end (2). 

In my experience, these flight numbers are pretty accurate. The Escape isn’t hard to get up to speed and see the slight turnover. While the fade at the end of the flight is reliable and consistent, which makes it easy to plan shots with this disc.

Dynamic Discs Escape: Where It Shines

I’ve found that the Dynamic Discs Escape is particularly good for shots that require a lot of control. For example, I’ve used it for low-ceiling shots where I need to keep the disc low and straight. 

I’ve also used it for shots that require a lot of finesse like hyzer flips or anhyzer shots. The Escape’s moderate glide means that it can cover a decent amount of ground without being too difficult to control.

Field Testing the Dynamic Discs Escape

Lucid Dynamic Disc Escape

I recently took the Dynamic Discs Escape out to the field for a practice session.  I have to say I was thoroughly impressed and decided to re-bag this disc versus my Innova Valkyrie. Nothing against the Valkyrie, btw, just she is a little too broken in and not flying as consistently as before. 

How Does The Dynamic Disc Escape Compare To Other Discs?

I needed a new 9-speed fairway driver and think the Escape could be a good fit. As someone who typically prefers fairway drivers over distance drivers, the Escape was right up my alley and shares similar flight numbers to the Valkyrie (9, 4, -2, 2).

In comparing the Escape to the Valkyrie was that it didn’t rise up too much. My Valkyrie is starting to become very unstable and while that can be useful at times, it is also becoming inconsistent.

The Escape tends to stay on a head-height plane and yet still perform with a good deal of glide. In fact, some offer the review of it flying farther than their distance drivers. I definitely put it out there a few times but wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet. 

With the higher glide and slightly less turn, I am excited to see how the Escape evolves as it breaks in more and more. Stay tuned for updates!

First Impressions Throwing The Dynamic Discs Escape:

Dynamic Discs Escape in Orange

On my first few throws, I noticed that the Escape had a comfortable grip and felt easy to control. The rim is slightly smaller than other discs but that didn’t bother me. 

The disc’s flight numbers indicated that it should be a reliable driver with a moderate speed, turn, glide, and fade, and that’s precisely what I experienced. The Escape turned gently to the right, had a moderate glide, and finished with a gentle fade to the left.

What really stood out to me was how versatile the Escape was on different types of throws. Whether I was going for a hyzer or an anhyzer, the Escape handled them all with ease. It’s the kind of disc that I can see myself reaching for on a variety of shots, whether it’s a long, straight drive, a sweeping hyzer, or a tight anhyzer line.

Overall, my experience with the Dynamic Discs Escape was nothing short of fantastic. It’s a reliable and versatile driver that’s perfect for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or a seasoned pro looking for a go-to fairway driver, the Escape is definitely worth checking out.

Dynamic Discs Escape Right for You?

Overall, I think the Dynamic Discs Escape is a great disc that would be a good addition to any player’s bag. It’s versatile, reliable, and feels great in your hand. However, whether or not it’s the right disc for you will depend on your play style and preferences. If you’re looking for a disc that can cover a lot of ground and has a reliable fade, the Escape is definitely worth checking out.

Check out Dynamic Discs Full Video Review of Throwing The Escape:

Escape the Bogey-Man and Soar to Victory with the Dynamic Discs Escape

If you’re a disc golfer in the market for a reliable and versatile fairway driver, the Dynamic Discs Escape is definitely worth trying out. With its comfortable grip, accurate flight numbers, and reliable performance, it’s a disc that’s sure to become a staple in your bag.



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