Disc Golf Glow in the Dark: Everything You Need for an Illuminating Experience

Playing disc golf at night can be a unique and exciting experience, and one way to enhance the experience is by using glow in the dark discs. Glow discs can be seen easily in the dark, making it easier to navigate the course and track the flight of your throws.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best disc golf glow in the dark discs, accessories, and building a disc golf glow bag.

Best Disc Golf Glow In The Dark Discs

Innova DX Glow Wraith Distance Driver : 11 | 5 | -1 | 3

Innova Wraith

Endorsed by 12-time World Champion Ken Climo, the Wraith is a Distance Driver that offers impressive speed, glide, and accuracy. Suitable for players of all skill levels, this disc can provide excellent distance and is reliable both upwind and downwind. The Star Wraith is a great choice for those seeking a versatile and high-performing disc.

Innova Leopard 3 Champion Glow : 7 | 5 | -2 | 1

Innova Leopard 3

The Innova Leopard 3 is one of my favorite fairway drivers. It’s easy to use, striking a perfect balance between speed, glide, turn, and fade. Give it medium power and it will turn a bit only to hyzer at the end…give it more power and you can get it to turn a lot making an s-curve for maximum distance.

Not a bad forehand disc either. Its glow in the dark feature allows players to track its flight even in low-light conditions, making it a must-have for night rounds.

MVP Reactor Eclipse Glow : 5 | 5 | -.5 | 1.5

MVP Reactor

MVP has introduced the Reactor in Eclipse Glow plastic, its latest filling the gap between the Vector and Axis, with a contemporary design and an enhanced GYRO effect that provides more glide than the Vector and slightly more stability than the Axis. 

This midrange driver is versatile enough to tackle any fairway, with the ability to execute Swooping Anhyzers and Booming Hyzers. As the inaugural member of MVP’s next generation of midranges, the Reactor is set to make a big impact this season. The plastic is highly durable and the glow feature makes it perfect for night rounds.

Innova Glow Champion Valkyrie : 9 | 4 | -2 | 2

Innova Valkyrie

New players can achieve additional distance by using lighter weights. Similarly, lighter weights can provide players with an extensive range when thrown with the wind, whereas heavier weights can result in excellent distance when thrown against the wind. 

The Valkyrie is a perfect option for long-range turnover shots and rollers due to its high-speed turn and flight characteristics. At a speed of 9 it makes for the perfect intro distance driver. Mine only weighs 153g and when the wind is with me, I pull it out, knowing that I can achieve extra distance over other higher speed, heavier discs.

Discmania Glow Sensei : 3 | 3 | 0 | 1

DiscMania Sensei

This Discmania Sensei is the Limited Edition Glow version. Being one of our top 3 speed putters the Sensei makes an excellent addition to any disc golf glow bag inventory.

With this consistent flying putter, you can extend your playing time during the darker months. The Sensei is a low profile putter that suits any hand size, designed for all types of approach shots and putts. Its flight is straight at high speeds and provides a dependable fade as the speed and rotation slows down, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced players.

The Active Premium Glow plastic used in the Sensei’s construction is remarkably durable and somewhat translucent, with a glowing effect that can be achieved by “charging” the disc in bright light before heading out to the course. At 173-176g, the Glow Premium Sensei is the heaviest Sensei putter available, with varying stamp colors.

Axiom Discs Eclipse Glow 2.0 Proxy : 3 | 3 | -1 | .5

Axiom Proxy

Another great option for the short game, the Axiom Proxy is a putter that flies straight and sets itself apart from the Sensei with a little less stability and fade…giving the player a bit more turnover and perhaps some needed distance.

With a straightforward-fading finish the Axion Proxy is made of Axiom’s newest and brightest glow material called Eclipse Glow 2.0, and it is approved by the PDGA for all professional disc golf play.

Innova Glow Roc : 4 | 4 | 0 | 3

Innova Glow Roc

The Roc is undoubtedly the most versatile and top-performing mid-range disc ever produced. Its remarkable accuracy is maintained at any range and can even withstand headwinds.

The Roc is a multi-purpose disc that is suitable for driving, upshots, straight shots, hyzer shots, or anhyzers. The Roc ages gradually and predictably, making it a reliable choice for a long time. Most professionals choose the Roc when they are uncertain which disc to use, and it is highly recommended.

Innova DX Glow Aviar Putt & Approach : 2 | 3 | 0 | 1

Aviar Glow Disc

The Aviar Putt & Approach is the top-selling disc in disc golf and the preferred putter for serious players due to its versatility and reliable performance in any weather. Its beadless design ensures an excellent grip, while its predictable straight flight path makes it a must-have for any competitive player’s disc collection. It’s the Aviar, enough said!

Note: The Aviar Glow comes in a 3-Disc Glow DX Set as well!

Kastaplast K1 Glow

Kastaplast K1 Glow Discs

If you read my review on the Kastaplast Grym distance driver you know I am a fan of their discs and the way they fly. It continues to be my favorite distance driver (for the moment) being I love the way their plastic feels and the predictability of its flight.

That being said, you can get just about every Kastaplast model in a glow version with their superior K1 plastic. I personally look forward to building out a Kastaplast disc golf glow bag and then supplementing with other brands where desired.

Check out the collection of Kastaplast K1 Glow options here: 

What Is Glow Disc Golf?

Glow Disc golf is played during the night, with baskets lit by lights in the darkness. While some clubs have a designated glow season, many host events year-round. Playing in the dark poses unique challenges, making the game more exciting.

At this point the answer should be pretty obvious, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions. Like, are there special rules, what about gear you can or even should use? Don’t worry, we’re getting there and all will be answered. 

What Do I Need For Glow Disc Golf?

To make glow disc golf events successful, organizers must assist players in several ways. These include helping players to identify the starting and finishing points of each hole, providing guidance on the general shape of the fairway if there are significant obstacles, and ensuring that players can navigate the entire course safely.

Besides the obvious needs of glowing discs, here are a few items you might need to run a successful glow event:

  • Discs: See our list above for some of the best glow discs, but also consider using glow in the dark tape on non-glow discs.
  • Headlamps:  Stay hands free while navigating the course, but remember, no using the light while throwing. 
  • Basket Lights: At a minimum you need a way to see the discs, but second to that is being able to see the baskets.
  • Pathway Lights: For a more premium event add some type of pathway lights to give players an idea of where to go. 
  • Score keeping: A pen and paper or the Udisc app.
  • Microfiber towel: A common disc golf accessory avid players will have, be sure to keep a few extras on hand for beginners to wipe off discs.
  • Disc retriever: For fetching discs from water or other precarious positions.
  • Extra Water: A relatively low cost expense that can make your event seem well organized and thoughtful. 
  • Food/Snacks: Much like the water, a few snacks goes a long way in keeping it light and fun.

What Light Is Best For Glow In The Dark Disc Golf?

If you have your glow discs, it is essential to have a means of charging them up while playing. Opting for a UV flashlight would be the ideal choice, although a powerful flashlight can suffice. UV light charges up the discs more efficiently and has a minimal impact on your eyesight as they adjust to the dark.

MVP Uv Light

Luckily for us, MVP Sports makes a UV light perfect for Glow Games. The UV BRIGHT – MVP Large UV Flashlight is a durable and powerful tool with 51 bright LEDs that is perfect for charging glow in the dark frisbees and discs, thanks to its large LED panel.

Are Glow Discs More Overstable?

Glow discs are not necessarily more overstable. This is a common misconception. In fact we have a few less stable discs on our list that I highly recommend for both glow disc games and non-glow games:

If you want to know more about stability and unstable discs read up in our article: Overstable vs Understable Discs

Set the Stage for a Glowing Game: Course and Safety Tips

Selecting a suitable course is crucial for a successful and safe game of glow golf. We advise choosing a familiar course to simplify navigation and understanding the fairway’s layout. If you have multiple course options, opt for a shorter layout to ensure safety and slow down your throwing motion while still achieving your target.

It’s crucial to know the regulations of your local parks before playing. Research and locate a course that permits night play. Keep in mind that the park may have other uses as well. Be cautious of others using the park at night, as visibility is reduced. 

Before throwing, ensure that the fairway is free of obstacles. Pay attention to your footing, particularly on hilly or wooded courses. Playing glow disc golf at night is enjoyable only if you exercise caution. Slow down your run-up or switch to a standstill throw when the footing is suboptimal. Play with a friend for added safety.

Disc Golf Accessories for Glow Games

Still not ready to commit to building a disc golf glow bag. Well fear not, we have some gear that can help transform any disc into a spotable night time flier. Along with some options to really glow up the game. 

MVP Disc Golf Flat LED Tri-lite Disc Golf Lights (Pack of 10)

MVP Tri-Lite Set

The MVP LED Tri-Lite is perfect for glowing up your disc golf discs. This product is designed with a micro design for easy attachment, multiple color options, an easy press-and-click button that saves battery between uses, and an auto-cycling color feature.

Hive Disc Golf Accessories Firefly Glow Vinyl 

Hive Disc Golf Vinyl Stickers

The HIVE FIREFLY GLOW VINYL is a set of 46 vinyl stickers that can make any disc glow in the dark, with industry-leading glow technology comparable to Eclipse 2.0. The stickers are UV reactive, and using UV light will produce the brightest and longest glow. 

The set includes 23 hexagon rings and 23 small hexagons. Additionally, the stickers are removable and reattachable, making them easy to use and remove after the round.

Lockport Glow in The Dark Disc Golf Tape

Lockport Glow in the Dark Tape

Lockport’s fluorescent glow tape can be used to transform any object into a glow in the dark item…such as a basket. I use a small piece to wrap around the pole of a basket…then during glow games I charge it up with the MVP UV light.

The tape charges quickly with any standard or UV light source, providing up to 10 hours of luminosity. It is also waterproof and permanent, ensuring it will last for years. Lockport’s luminescent tape is designed by adhesive experts and provides excellent taping solutions and service. Just make sure you have permission from the local parks office and Disc Golf Club. 

MVP Disc Sports Lunar Module LED Disc Golf Basket Light

This product features a micro design for easy attachment, comes in multiple color options, and includes an easy press-and-click button that saves battery between uses. It also includes an auto-cycling color feature.

Chaine Raider Disc Golf provides an overview of the MVP Lunar Module

Interestingly enough a comment on the review video notes a cheaper option. The response from Chaine Raider is in support of the disc golf community, which I too agree with. My MVP black portable disc basket rocks one of their lights, but if I were to outfit my entire local course, might use the cheaper option below:

Mini Submersible Led Lights with Remote

Mini Led Lights

These LED underwater lights come with a remote that allows for different colors and modes. The lights are 100% waterproof and battery powered, with a long battery life and replaceable batteries. Each package comes with 2 remote controllers, and you can choose from 13 different colors and 4 color-changing programs.

Top Glow Disc Golf Plastics

The effectiveness of glow plastic in disc golf depends on your specific needs. After conducting tests on various glow discs on a dark night, we discovered that they remained visible on the ground for at least 5 minutes. 

While most of them did not emit an extremely bright glow, they were bright enough to locate in short grass without difficulty. However, in areas with thick brush or leaves, a glow disc may still be challenging to locate due to its limited illumination. 

Additionally, during dusk when there is still some sunlight, finding a glow disc can also be challenging. In such scenarios, we recommend using one of the aforementioned accessories, making them much easier to find.

Which Glow Plastic Glows the Longest?

  1. Kastaplast K1 Glow
  2. Innova Glow Champion
  3. Discmania Glow 
  4. MVP Eclipse 2.0 Glow
  5. Innova Dx Glow

What Discs Glow The Best?

  1. Kastaplast K1 Glow
  2. Innova Glow Champion Valkyrie
  3. Innova Leopard 3 Champion Glow
  4. Discmania Glow Sensei
  5. MVP Reactor Eclipse Glow
  6. Innova Glow Roc
  7. Innova DX Glow Wraith Distance Driver
  8. Innova DX Glow Aviar

During our tests, we observed that the duration of glow differed among the discs. Specifically, the Kastaplast K1 Glow exhibited the longest glow time out of all the discs we tested. 

In fact, even after 10 minutes, the Kastaplast K1 was still emitting a noticeable glow, while most of the other discs were still visible in an open field for only about 5 minutes. With this extended glow time, you should have ample time to locate your glow plastic disc if you happen to hit the fairway.

Shine Bright on the Course: The Top Disc Golf Glow in the Dark Discs

Glow in the dark discs can add a unique and exciting element to your disc golf experience. The discs listed above are some of the best glow discs available, and are sure to enhance your night rounds. Remember to always practice safe disc golf and stay aware of your surroundings, even in the dark.

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