Best Disc Golf Bags: 2022

Best Disc Golf Bags

Choosing the perfect disc golf bags can be a long and difficult process. With so many brands and styles to choose from, it’s hard to find the right one for you. 

What if you could have a disc golf bag that was perfect for you? A bag that is designed with your needs in mind? A bag that will make your game better, more enjoyable, and more successful?

Never fret, Disc Golf Dash has your back, your pack, and your pick for the best disc golf bags. In this guide we look at helping you choose the best disc golf bags for you. The only guide you’ll need to find the best bags for your disc golf game. This guide will take you through all of the important factors when considering new disc golf bags, such as comfortability, durability, and style. 

Disc Golf Bag Categories

There are many different bags for disc golfers, but they all serve a similar purpose. Disc golf bags are divided into two main categories: starter and pro.

  • Starter Bags: have just enough storage to be your “stash and go” bag. Often kept in the car or as a way to get out for some quick play, these  bags are known for being lightweight and efficient.  They are usually picked up by beginners who want to carry more equipment with them on the course such as a water bottle and some essentials, but without lugging your entire inventory of discs.
  • Pro Bags: are designed for players who need it all. Pro bags are typically on the large bag size and in a backpack style or cart style. They normally have plenty of side pockets and plenty of room for other nick nacks. These bags are for the disc golf player who wants access to their collection when out on the disc golf course.  They want to be able to pick out that perfect option for those persnickety baskets or wild weather moments…and I just wanted to use the word persnickety 😉

How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Bag for Your Needs

With a wide price range and all of the choices available choosing the best disc golf bag for your needs is a difficult task. Storage capacity may be the most important factor to consider and it might be hard to know where to start. The best way would be to break down the different types of bags and find out which one suits your needs the most. We summarized those above, but below we break them down even further. Next up we will look at some of the top selling bags to get a general consensus on what the overall community is buying.

Adding to our disc golf bag categories there are a few styles of each type that might be of interest to you:

  • Backpack: this is a good option if you want something that you can carry on your back and have easy access to your discs while walking or standing. The key feature of a backpack bag is comfort to carry the load for a long time. Because of the dual shoulder straps you can balance the load. The downside to the larger bag is that they can get heavy and cumbersome. For someone who has a bit of a tweak in the ‘ole back the thought of lugging around a full backpack all the time makes me cringe.  
  • Don’t get me wrong, I have the Dynamic Disc Trooper, and I love it. The disc capacity in the main compartment is the perfect amount I need for a full round or two. But I also have a small sling pack that is my go to practice bag.  I would consider the backpack perfect for tournaments and travel. If I don’t know a course, I will probably take the Trooper because it carries everything I need through the toughest of courses.

Good luck rolling your cart on this course:

  • Sling: a bit newer to the disc golf scene is a lightweight take on the backpack. If you’ve been near a college campus in the last 10 years you have inevitably seen this style of bag. The sling comes in two forms, one that is more of a side shoulder smaller bag, and one that is a cross body medium backpack. The sling pack may be the most efficient solution to your disc golf bag needs.  Typically holder 8-12 discs with enough space for only the essential extras like car keys, cell phone, and maybe a water bottle. Although some may see this as a disadvantage the benefits to others outweigh the lack of access to your full disc collection…literally. Check out our full article with reviews for the Best Small Disc Bag that includes the Sling style bags. 
  • Cart: the final style of bag is more a cart than a bag, but who’s keeping score. These are great because they have plenty of storage space and a few extra features that other carry bags just don’t offer. The downside to a cart bag is the cost and bulk. As the saying goes, convenience comes at a cost, unless you’re at a tournament for the whole weekend, you probably don’t need a cart bag style for a fun day of playing. However, one of the great things I love about this sport is the accessibility for all to play, and having the cart sure helps those that want to roll their equipment around as opposed to lugging it to and fro.

Top 3 Top Selling Disc Golf Bags on the Market Today

We scoured the market places, bag manufacturers, and even asked you…the list below is what we came up with as the top 3 bags the #discgolfcommunity seems to be picking up the most.

Dynamic Disc Trooper

The DD Trooper bag has the reviews, reputation, and reliability we are all looking for out of backpack style bag.  With enough space to not be too heavy but able to carry all you need for a great day out on the course. This bag holds 18+ disc golf discs and has additional pockets for some of your other necessities, including a space for drawstring-enclosed water bottle holders. The build quality is sturdy and the bag stands upright when placed on level ground.  There are about 13 designs to choose from so you have plenty of options.  Oh, and obviously we aren’t the only one’s to think so…4.8 out of 5 stars from over 5000+ users.  Clearly this is our top choice in this category.  

Dynamic Disc Cadet

For a starter bag Dynamic Discs takes the top option as well. The Cadet is a great bag that is a tried and true solution for holding 10-12 discs for a quick run at the local course. It’s lightweight, durable, and has a small pocket to hold your valuables.  There is also a side pouch for holding a water bottle or beverage of choice. There are 4 different designs with the gray and camo being the most popular. Perhaps the best part of this small bag though isn’t in the features or capacity but rather the cost.  This bag comes in as our best value option and would make a great disc golf gift. 

Note: the Cadet also comes in as a backpack as well…not sure why Dynamic Discs decided to do this but just in case there is any confusion: DD Cadet Backpack

Infinite Discs Slinger

On top of the capacity one of the key features I love about this bag is the up front mesh pocket.  I find that for 75% of my shots on a particular course I only need 3 to 5 discs. Although thought to be a putter pocket, this front pocket provides quick access for my go-to mix of the day (1 driver, 1 mid-range, 1 putter).

With a towel clip, extra storage for essentials, and a large water bottle holder, this bag does it all in a nice convenient and lightweight design.  Speaking of design there are 6 colors to choose from and at a very reasonable price.  So far, mine has been through the rough, fallen off a boulder, and tossed into the truck several times with little to no discernible wear showing. The build seems to be of quality and is a personal preference of mine that I imagine will last for several seasons.  

Why You Need a Disc Golf Bag

I know what you’re thinking, you have an old backpack laying around and think you can just use it.  Hey, I won’t judge. I started with my climbing pack to carry my starter set discs.  But after a few rounds on the course with that, I realized having something a little specific could be beneficial.  And truthfully, there are decent bags out there that don’t cost too much.  Let me give you a few additional reasons why you need a Disc Golf Bag:

3 Reasons to Buy a Disc Golf Bag

  1. Organization: If you only have a few discs this might not be a worthy reason.  But as your collection grows, trust me, searching for that 11 speed with a -1 turn distance driver will have you pondering your frugality. Seriously though, if a bag does nothing else but carry your discs and stuff, it will help you organize your inventory by whatever method you deem worth. I like mine to be by Drivers, Mid-Range, and then putters, putting the higher speed one’s to the left. 
  2. Practicality: The idea of stuffing 5 top 10 discs in a random backpack or trying to carry them all with you may seem like a good one at first.  Trust me, it is not. Of course no one is claiming you need 10 or 20 discs to go play a round.  But, it does come in handy to allow for throwing multiple discs or field practice. 
  3. Low Cost / High Value: The thing I can appreciate about disc golf is that it really doesn’t cost much to play.  Some of the best disc golf bags on the market are less than $30. On top of that, some have really nice features like a built-in cooler for snacks and beverages. Further, it gives you a single location to stash all of the essentials when headed out for a quick disc golf dash – ha, see what I did there.  Honestly, I didn’t get a bag my first months of playing, and looking back, for $20 I could have made my experience a whole lot better just by buying a starter bag. 

High Quality Disc Golf Bags

We provided you with the 3 most popular disc golf bags above. And those options all make for a good disc golf bag.  But is there a better disc golf bag?  The below chart contains more high-quality bag options. They may be more for the intermediate players and cost some extra money but could also turn out to be the perfect bag for you.  Take a look…

Disc Golf Bag Comparison Chart

ImageProductDisc CapacityStyleUseFeatures
Kestrel Disc Golf Bag6 – 10 discsSlingCasual PlayLightweight with water bottle holder
MVP Disc Sports Backpack Shuttle18-24 discsBackpackTournamentsUnder 2lbs, holds a lot for being this light
Dynamic Discs Transit Cart by ZUCA25 discs / 300lbsCart & BagTournaments / Multiple RoundsConverts to seat, large tires for rolling over rough terrain
Dynamic Discs Paratrooper Disc Golf Bag18+ discsBackpackTournamentsMultiple water bottle holders, lots of designs, large capacity
Handeye Supply Company Mission Rig Disc Golf Bag 20+ discsBackpackTournaments5 side pockets, large capacity, unique designs

Disc Golf Dash Best Disc Golf Bag Series Continues

We mentioned it a few times above, but thought it best to point out.  Our goal with this article is to introduce you to disc golf bags.  Helping you get an idea of what different types and styles exists, advantages of each, along with knowing a few of the top options out there.

Make no mistake though, there are plenty of other options and we would be amiss to leave those out.  Some have really unique graphics and still function like a champ.  So if you’re thirsty for more check out our disc golf bag series articles:

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Want More Info on the Best Disc Golf Bag, watch this:

Baby Got Back?

Our goal at disc golf dash is always to inform, educate, and grow the sport. I hope this article helped you learn something about the various options of disc golf bags available. Take a moment to look at our other articles in this series as we break down the sub-styles even more. Order yourself a new bag and load up those putter pockets.  My next goal is to have a bag specific to field training…say something like 6 drivers from each manufacturer I can take out and just rip ‘em. At the low cost of these bags I think the manufacturer’s goal is to get you loading up on more discs…hey I’m not complaining. 

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