Best Disc Golf Putters for 2022

If you think about it, you’re going to spend a-third of your time playing by either ripping the disc down the course, trying to lay it up near the basket, or working the short shot. Let’s look at the best disc golf putters to help with the last 3rd of “hitting the chains”. We all know there are those lucky times that only require a throw or two. But, most are going to need as much help as possible getting the disc into the basket. 

Putting could be argued to have the most importance on your final score, and possibly frustration for the game. When driving off the tee we have a wide open course, with endless possibilities.  Who knows, perhaps you will get lucky and ace the basket in one shot.  But ironically, as we near the green, throws need to have a little more precision.  And although we can provide you some tips on putting technique (see our 3 quick tips article), one of the keys to any good shot is good equipment.

So let me save you a bit of trouble, frustration, and money with a post about some of the best disc golf putters for 2022. This list will help you find both new and reliable discs the pro’s use to make it look easy. 

How To Choose A Good Disc Golf Putter

If you’re starting out in this sport you may be tempted to browse the disc manufactures websites. Randomly picking a disc labeled as a putter. Before you go there you need to have an understanding of what makes a disc a putter in the first place.

Disc golf putters typically have a low speed rating allowing the player to have more control.  This is due to their blunt edge and possibly a bit of weight. They are intentionally made this way to shorten the travel distance, all while maintaining precision and accuracy. When you’re 50ft or less to the basket, you start to pull out the putter.  It should be noted that not all discs fit into one category of play…some are drivers and mid-range, while others might be both a mid-range and putter.  However, there are others that are specific for the job at hand.

So when looking for a putter you want a disc that feels good in your hand, is easy to throw, and has an arc you understand.  At the end of the day, while the list below is a collection from the disc golf community and what the pro’s use, the best disc golf putter is the one that performs consistently for you on those critical short shots.

Best Disc Golf Putter 2022

1. Innova Aviar (2,3,0,1)

Touted as having won the most disc golf world championships then any other disc, the Innova Aviar has to be at the top of our list for best disc golf putters. I personally use this putter and love it. For me the feel is that of a wide rim. Thus giving me a lot of confidence when taking the final shot into the basket.  The Aviar can also be used as an approach disc as well. With just a slight amount of fade at the end, it typically will stay straight for you throughout flight. You can pick this up from here: Innova – Aviar, or if you’re starting out try the Innova starter set from Amazon.

Best Disc Golf Putters

Check out this nice video overview of the Aviar from Innova:

2. Discmania P2 (2,3,0,1)

Another putter popular with the pro’s is the Discmania P2.  And although this disc has been around a bit, they came out with a new version in late 2021.  The disc comes in 3 different flexes. This provides you the option to choose between something that is a little more stable or a little more flexible. I personally like my putters to be stable as I don’t want much hook at the end. Interestingly enough, the P2 has the same specs as the Aviar. Showing that a slower speed, good glide, no turn, and little fade equals a great recipe for an awesome disc golf putter.  Pick your Discmania P2 here Discmania P2

Best Disc Golf Putters

Below is an awesome review of the P2 by Andrew Castro with Discmania

3. Prodigy PA-3 (3,4,0,1)

Rounding out our list of best disc golf putters for your 2022 (and beyond) season, is the Prodigy PA-3.  This is Prodigy’s top selling short game shooter.  With a little more speed and glide then the previous two options, this disc is a great choice for those that want a hook at the end of the flight.  Whereas the Aviar is perfect for a beginner and all around player, this disc could arguably be better for someone with a bit of experience.  I literally picked up these discs in the order listed and think that it’s a great progression…notwithstanding the fact that I still use all 3, the Prodigy PA-3 is pulled out of the bag when there is a need for my hyzer line to be used 50ft out from the basket.  You can get your Prodigy here at – Prodigy PA-3

Best Disc Golf Putters

Dynamic Discs Judge (2,4,0,1)

As one of the first disc golf putters released by Dynamic Discs the Judge has stood the trial of time. It has become known as a very reliable and stable disc.  The Judge has similar specs to the other putters on our list; slower speed, nice amount of glide, low turn, and low fade.  What sets it apart might be the smaller rim and bead. This gives it a different profile or feel in the hand. Although some players may like having a larger rim to grip the disc in different ways. In terms of deciding which is better, we’ll let you be the Judge (sorry, couldn’t resist…it literally rolled off my fingertips as I was typing). Seriously though, a wider rim such as the Prodigy PA-3 might suit you better as a beginner. But, the Judge will give you a nice option to keep in the bag.  Pick one up here at – Dynamic Discs Judge

A nice overview of Dynamic Discs – Judge:

Discraft Magnet – (2,3,-1,1)

The Magnet has been around a long time and continues to be a go-to approach and short shot disc. The flight path of the Magnet will be slightly different then others on our 2022 Best Putter List. This is due to the slight amount of turn it provides. This can give the player confidence that the disc will grab the Hyzer line and curve back to basket.  Further, the design of the Magnet has one of the smallest rims on our list. Giving it a very “flat” feel in the hand.  A great disc to purchase a set of and use for practice. The Magnet’s flight characteristics and specs match those of other popular discs, and can be a learning tool to try more “extreme” discs.  Hit and stick to the basket chains often with the Discraft Magnet here: – Magnet

May The Short Shot Be With You…

I could keep going with endless lists of putters and discs. To me, especially for the beginner crowd, having too many options just gets confusing.  The above 5 best disc golf putters are great options and will get you started like a professional.  The question now is should you buy 5 of one and practice consistency, or buy 1 of each and see what you like best.  I guess you could buy 5 of each, I won’t judge – Ha!

I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!