Best Small Disc Golf Bag : 2022

Continuing our series on the Best Disc Golf Bags we decided to focus on the small things. Now sure details are important but what we’re talking about here is the Best Small Disc Golf Bag.  You know the bag you grab on your way for a quick 9 after work.  Something that can fit in the back seat of the car and never needs to come out, just in case you happen to be driving by the course. Perhaps just as important though, some of us don’t want to lug around a full pack all the time. Give me a few discs, a pocket for my keys and wallet, and maybe a place to slip in a frosty beverage, I’m good to go. 

What Disc Golf Bag Should I Buy?

No matter the skill level of the disc golf player, there are a ton of forums for disc golfing asking this question.  And you’re welcome to spend a Sunday scouring the message boards.  But we thought we would do this for you…besides, it’s raining for the next 3 days, gotta love mountain weather. So we might as well narrow the field a bit and summarize some options for the Best Small Disc Golf Bag. 

What is a Small Disc Golf Bag?

Well for starters, it’s small.  Ha, just joking. Seriously though, in our Disc Golf Dash overview article about Disc Golf Bags we kicked off this series by looking at different types of bags.  And just in case you missed it, let’s review.  If you’re more interested in a comprehensive buying guide and knowing the top 3 disc golf bags be sure to check out the overview article: Disc Golf Dash Bag Buying Guide.

Disc Golf Bag Types: Summarized

You basically have two categories of bags, starter bags vs pro bags.  From there we can break them down into various types: Backpacks, slings, and carts.

For the purpose of this sub-article topic best small disc golf bag, we will be focusing on the starter bags.  These bags are typically in the sling bag style but sometimes have backpack features as well. 

Furthering Our Criteria of a Small Disc Golf Bag

Let’s say these bags don’t carry more than 15 discs, and that would be fully stuffed, bulging at the seams.  They probably only stash one water bottle, but there is a chance for two in some instances. Most are single strap bags, but in the case of the Infinite Discs Slinger bag, that doesn’t mean they don’t act like a backpack. And of course they should be lightweight, without wheels, and probably won’t fit a 6-pack of your favorite beverage in the bottom.  I said probably, you can certainly try.  If successful please post a pic of your greatness and tag #discgolfdash.  We will praise your efforts and laud you with riches beyond your belief. 

Best Small Disc Golf Bag Reviews

Let’s kick this guide off by charting ten of the top small disc golf bags available in the market right now. Thanks to Amazon’s awesome return policy, I have tried most of these bags out myself.  Therefore I can confidently pick a recommended best small disc golf bag for each individual disc golfer’s habits and needs. If you find this information helpful, please follow us on Instagram to learn about new and upcoming disc golf review articles.

Best Small Disc Golf Bag Comparison Chart

ImageProductDisc CapacityStyleUseFeatures
Kestrel Disc Golf Bag6 – 10 DiscsSling, SatchelCasualLightweight, Water bottle holder
MVP Disc Sports Cell Disc Golf Starter Bag12 DiscsSling, Lunch BoxCasual PlayPutter Pocket, Bonus Mesh Pocket, Water Bottle Holder
DYNAMIC DISCS Latitude 64 Slim Disc Golf Bag8 – 10 DiscsSling, SatchelCasual PlayZipper Mesh Pocket, Water Bottle Holder, Light weight
Disc Living Disc Golf Bag10 DiscsSling, SatchelCasual PlaySuper durable, Canvas or Leather Options, 
Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe Bag12 DiscsSling, BackpackCasual Play, Tournament PlayUpdated Version, Includes Zipper Pulls, Carabiner, Back Pocket, No-tip Flat Bottom
Rogue Iron Disc Golf Satchel Bag14 DiscsSling, SatchelCasual Play / Tournament PlayLifetime Warranty, Holds 32oz Nalgene, Mesh and Zipper Pockets
Infinite Discs Holster Disc Golf Pouch3 – 5 DiscsSling, Holster, PouchCasual PlayLeg Straps, Accessory, Simple Design, Easy Access
Infinite Discs Easy Bag8 – 10 DiscsSling, SatchelCasual PlayMultiple Colors, Zipper Pocket,  Great Price
Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag12 DiscsSling, Lunch BoxCasual Play, Tournament PlayInsulated Drink Pocket, Padded Shoulder Strap, Durable Canvas, Multiple Colors
NutSac Double Disc Golf Bag12 DiscsSling, SatchelCasual PlayDurable Canvas, Expandable Pockets, Mesh Drink Holder, Lightweight, Large Front Pocket, Lifetime Guarantee
Rogue Iron Sports Disc Golf Hydration Backpack 6 – 8 discsBackpackCasual2 Liter Bladder Design, Lightweight
Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag10 – 12 discsSling, Lunch BoxCasualDual Divider, Cinched Water Bottle Holder, Back Zipper Pocket
Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag 10 – 12 discsSling, Lunch BoxCasualLightweight and Durable, Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Nice Color Designs

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

The Kestrel kicks off our list of Best Small Disc Golf Bags. Rightfully so, with great reviews and ratings this seems like a nice starter satchel to try. It comes in 6 different color designs to choose from at a fairly reasonable price.  There are cheaper units on our list but also more expensive…the Kestrel sits somewhere in between. 

I would argue its average price range matches that of its offerings as a disc golf bag.  The disc pockets are sufficient and divided into two for a bit of organization.  The water bottle holder is lacking a bit but does have a drawstring closer and is sufficient for my needs. There is supposed to be a back zipper pouch but some reviews show it missing…hmm, odd because mine did have one.  However, I don’t care for the zipper pocket to be placed on the backside.  While that may invoke “security” for my essentials, it rests against my body while carrying and doesn’t feel great.  Would prefer that upfront.  

On the plus side the Kestrel seems to be built well, I haven’t noticed any defects so far. It also has one of the nicer straps compared to the other options on the list…robust and padded. Finally, for the most part,  it stays upright when set down on the ground.  I got mine in the blue because that is my wife’s favorite color…it has essentially become her go-to bag and so far I have only heard good feedback.

MVP Disc Sports Cell Disc Golf Starter Bag

MVP has some nice bags in all types.  The cell is certainly for the new player.  I liked this bag when it came to me.  Was one of the first I took out to the course for a round.  However over time I felt like it was a little tight.  Sure it can hold 12 discs but only if they are all low profile drivers. I would also say the water bottle holder fitting a Nalgene 32 oz is a bit of a stretch. With that said, you might find that with a lot of products on this list.  I have noticed that sometimes giving a bag time to break in a bit loosens the fittings and can actually improve the experience.  Of course there are those times when it can go for the worst. 

Be as it may, I still have this bag stashed in my truck.  I now use it for a specific set of drivers from two manufacturers…when I am doing field work.  I can easily pop over to the field during lunch or after work for 15-20 minutes and this bag can also hold me a nice sandwich and water. If you’re starting out, you won’t go wrong picking up this bag, just don’t expect the world at this price point…it literally is the epitome of a small starter disc golf bag.

Dynamic Discs Latitude 64 Slim Disc Golf Bag

The DD Latitude 64 Slim Disc golf Bag is probably the most straightforward small disc golf bag on the list. There are no frills, and all the necessary essentials packed on this 10 disc lunch box. You get a solid standing bag that can hold your water bottle in tight with the drawstring pouch.  It has upfront pockets for essentials, scorebooks, your cell phone, etc. Or throw some of that in the main compartment and fit a few extra putters in. Either way this bag will get the job done.

It’s slim, effective, and the best thing of all, its light weight.  The strap is nothing to write home about but is adjustable and shouldn’t fail on you anytime soon. To me, I see a lot of people buying this unit for casual play or to stash a set of discs in their secondary vehicle type of situation. But then, others may really be drawn to it and also double it as a lunch box for work situations. Regardless, it’s a great bag and has good ratings on Amazon that appeals to a lot of players. 

Disc Living Disc Golf Bag

I had never heard of Disc Living or their bag offering.  What seems to be a simple satchel sack (say that 3 times fast), is actually a really nice looking affordable option. It holds ~8 discs, water, and your essentials. But the key feature about this bag seems to be in the materials to price ratio…talk about value. 

Disc Living gives you two options, both robust.  You can choose between three colors in the canvas material or 3 colors in leather.  Further, they use metal attachments for the handle /strap as compared to plastic.  Finally, even with the smaller capacity Disc Living decides to save your shoulders and make sure there is a padded section. All this for less money than other similar satchel bags on the list!

Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe Bag

We featured the Infinite Discs Slinger in our comprehensive Best Disc Golf Bag article.  This one is the Deluxe version, updated with some great features based on feedback from the disc golf community. Infinite Discs listened and added some relatively simple but ideal upgrades to their already popular and favorite bag.  First, they added more zipper pulls to make opening the main compartment easier. Second they included a carabiner through the eye hole to attach a towel or whatevers clever. Then they updated the material to be a bit beefier and last longer including making the logo an embroidery logo instead of just stamped on. Finally, they improved the bottom to be more flat so it stands upright when put down to throw. Read on for the feature set and my opinion of this awesome bag. 

On top of the number of discs this bag can hold one of the key features I love about it is the up front mesh pocket.  I find that for 75% of my shots on a particular course I only need 3 to 5 discs. Although thought to be a putter pocket, this front pocket provides quick access for my go-to mix of the day (1 driver, 1 mid-range, 1 putter). 

​​With a towel clip, extra storage for essentials, and a large water bottle holder, this bag does it all in a nice convenient and lightweight design.  Speaking of design there are 6 colors to choose from and at a very reasonable price.  So far, mine has been through the rough, fallen off a boulder, and tossed into the truck several times with little to no discernible wear showing. The build seems to be of high-quality material and is a personal preference of mine that I imagine will last for several seasons.  

FYI, the original is still available, comes in slightly different colors, and is a bit cheaper…check it out here: Infinite Discs Slinger Bag Original.

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Satchel Bag

For a small sling bag this satchel holds a lot. Coming in just below our 15 disc criteria for being a small disc golf bag, the Rogue Iron can keep up with the large disc golf bags. That’s a lot of discs for a small bag, and with this much storage you might think the Rogue Iron Satchel is bulky. You would be wrong, the 3 pockets collapse down when not in use.  They also allow for different discs to be divided by type for optimized organization. 

The satchel comes with plenty of storage for your discs, but also contains enough extra space for essentials. With a mesh pocket, clipped pocket, and zipper pocket you can stash your necessities and then some.  Rogue was smart by adding a water bottle holder that fits a 32oz bottle and allows for cinching it tight.  Just enough room for a full Nalgene.  With all that stuff this small bag might get a bit heavy, luckily Rogue Iron thought of this and added a padded section to the strap.  They also made the bag stand upright when on the ground. Perhaps a bit pricey but built tough and will last you a long time.

Infinite Discs Holster Disc Golf Pouch

If you’re in the need of a few extra pockets then this is the bag for you.  I don’t think most people are strapping this to their leg and running around the course.  But I wouldn’t judge, sounds like a fun way to shoot some baskets.  Joking aside, the use case for this bag seems more about supplementing your current bag or cart.

If you want a way to quickly grab your favorite “pick 3” discs, then this might be a solution.  Another advantage reviewers often remark is the fact that you don’t have a hot pack on your back during the warmer months.  For as many serious players that need 20 plus discs to enjoy a round, there are a growing group that just want to get a little exercise and throw a few pieces of plastic.  I can relate…my last round was literally throwing 4 discs in my biking backpack and it was one of the most fun rounds I have had. Whichever suits your fancy, this bag has great ratings, seems to be robust enough, and at a cheap price.  Get it in the gray color, it looks better to me and everyone has a black bag.

Infinite Discs Easy Bag

Infinite Discs keeps the hits coming…this is one of my favorite small disc golf bags. Its best feature is in the lack of features…the simplicity of it makes it exactly what is needed and no frills to get in the way of you striking the chains. 

With an 8 to 10 disc capacity you can fit a couple of drivers, a handful of mid-range or fairways, and then a few putter options. Just enough to make excuses and pull out the “better” option – ha. Although there is no additional space to fit a water bottle, you can throw your keys and cell phone in the zipper pocket.  I am sure you can sling a towel to it somehow or get a Flight Towel Jr. with the carbanier in the middle for easy hanging.

The strap is simple and could use a pad, but it is long enough to sling it across your body. I got the green one, because we all know green is the best color.  The reality is you can’t go wrong, this is the lowest cost bag on the list and makes a great gift for those starting out…or those that follow us on Instagram (*hint hint).

Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag

One of my favorite “hold everything” small disc golf bags.  I find myself stuffing the Fade Crunch with more than just discs and a towel.  Often holding my lunch, a camera, and possibly even slinging the jacket over it.  This unit is the perfect bag for the all day player that is lightweight and considered of smaller capacity but acts like a larger bag. 

I was surprised to like the balanced side pockets…one for my beer, one for my whiskey wallet and other essentials.  Having them on opposite sides ensures the bag rests evenly on my shoulder. The only decision I had to make was choosing the color…they have some nice looking colors and although I wanted the camo, I went with the dark green.  I find myself using this bag for more than just disc golfing…often it becomes a climbing pack, camera hauler, or even small gym bag.

The insulated drink holder is a nice touch…not sure if it really helps or not, but certainly gives one the impression it is doing something. The outer canvas material seems robust enough to last.  And of course, with this design it will sit up right when set down. Get the Fade Crunch if you’re looking for a smaller version of the big bags.

NutSac Double Disc Golf Bag

The Nutsac and Double Nutsac frequent the best disc golf bag lists, but I really thought this was just reviewers trying to get that extra dollar out of their readers.  Here at Disc Golf Dash we are about providing value, so when I saw the price of these bags I just couldn’t justify a recommendation.  However, the more I read about them the more appealing they became. 

I was skeptical as one can be when I reviewed this bag.  Was this a joke or overhyped bull?  How can a small disc golf bag cost so much?  But then I started reading the reviews from others, and really looking at it.  Ironically, this bag has now been added to my wish list for Christmas. The appeal isn’t in one particular feature over another, but rather the full package.  Made from a high quality hardened tough canvas and bolstered with riveted clasps, this bag is made to last…and if it doesn’t there is a lifetime guarantee. There is something sexy about this bag.  It claims to hold a 22oz of beer in the mesh pocket and has an extra large front for essentials. It stands up right and certainly stands out from the crowd of satchel style small disc golf bags.

Sure there are other options, and you bet I am going to get mine and make a comparison to some of the others on this list…stay tuned for that article because I am going to put it through some tests.  But for now, I have to be good so Santa will bring me one…in gray please 😉

Rogue Iron Sports Disc Golf Hydration Backpack

Now this one is a little bit different.  Right up my alley too…in fact, just last week I literally was stuffing discs into a hydration pack. I wanted to go ride and then play at a college course nearby. That has to be the concept Rogue Iron was thinking about when they designed this pack. I can’t speak for how well the discs would stay in their respective pockets given the trails I like to ride, but for the casual bike commuter or avid hiker, this might be a nice option. 

Speaking of those pockets, the Rogue Iron Hydration Backpack has 4 slots to stick 6 – 8 discs in total. It has the traditional hydration backpack style bag design with an adjustable chest and waist strap.  The back is padded although it might not have as much airflow as a side satchel bag would. The side pockets are a little small but hold some essentials.  I typically throw my wallet in the main pocket to keep it out of prying eyes and make sure it’s secure.  But my keys barely fit into the side pocket.

You can get the Rogue Iron Hydration Pack with or without the hydration bladder. Tip: in the summer months, fill up the bladder the night before and stick it in the freezer for some extra cold water.  Leave plenty of room at the top for expansion of the water.

The drink holder is sort of useless when you have a bladder inserted.  Unless you want a different drink of the sorts…however, I would use this for stuffing a dry bag like the MVP Osmosis Disc Golf Grip Enhancer. Overall, the pack is a good bag that is on par with a nice hydration pack and has all the features necessary to make it worth checking out. The best part is I don’t even have to get off my bike to play – ha. Heck, who knows, maybe Rogue Iron is trying to start a new crossover sport…mountain bike disc golfing league anyone?

Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

The name says it all for this bag.  It’s Innova, it’s standard, and it’s a champ…at least in the small disc golf bag “lunch box” style.  You can stuff about 10 or so discs in the main compartment.  The water bottle holder should fit a full size Nalgene or Kleen Kanteen. And there are a few zipper pockets for everything else you need. 

I didn’t actually buy and try this bag personally but one of my disc golfing buddies has it and gave me a full report. I also took the time to scour the reviews from others and came up with a summary of good and bad. Make no mistake, no bag on this list is perfect and if you product 1000 of an item you are for certain to have a few that shouldn’t pass quality control. 

My friend Mike loves this bag for short days of shooting the front 9 at his local disc golf course down in Charlotte, NC. He had the original design but recently, last year, upgraded to the newer design and gave his 10 year old son the original. The standout for him was the overall size…”it’s not bulky or heavy, so I can take it on and off quickly and do more throwing then messing with gear”. 

The original seemed to hold up well for him and he mentioned that the build quality on his new version was equally as good.  However, in a few reviews online I did see individuals get a defective strap or water bottle holder here or there…but again, I saw that for just about every bag on this list.  The Standard seems to be just that…no frills but sets a baseline expectation you should have for a small disc golf bag, or any size really. The red color looks sharp for those of you that like a brighter design.  

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag

So you might be wondering why another “lunch box” small disc bag.  Well there are a lot of people that mention this unit in reviews of other bags on this list.  So I would be amiss to not mention it at least.  

The design/color scheme and options were impressive.  Not so much from a quantity standpoint but more from a quality and uniqueness.  But then, not everyone looks at design too closely. The midnight blue and camo really stood out to me and drew me in to take a closer look. At this price I went ahead and bought one. 

The shoulder strap is long enough to go across the body but can also be adjusted to desired length.  However, the strap does not have clips, rather it is sewn on.  This leads me to believe a failure is in its future, but again, at this price I could replace it every season and be fine. Further, I would have liked a little padding on the shoulder strap, not that you can carry enough in this bag to weigh it down too much, but still. 

The capacity ranges from 8 – 12 discs depending on what discs you use and what else you place in the bag. I would also caution that a lot of these “lunch box” style bags don’t hold their form very well if not fully stuffed to capacity. They sort of collapse on themselves.  Not a big deal as it can actually reduce bulkiness on days you’re carrying a lighter load, but had to be mentioned.

In terms of storage there is a top lid zipper pocket and a front putter pocket.  I’m not a fan of the top lid because my keys are an uneven surface and can get in the way of closing.  Even worse they can poke the mesh and eventually cause holes in the pocket. I typically just throw my keys in the main compartment and stuff everything else in the top zipper pocket.  I will give credit that this pocket has enough storage space to fit a Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever and still room for wallet and towel. 

Finally, the most important factor in a bag…the beer holder water bottle holder.  Well, one thing I like on this one is it seems to match the styling and be integrated or sewn on as part of the bag.  With some bags, it feels like the water bottle pocket is an afterthought. However, you’re not going to be able to fit a full Nalgene.  Rather, I throw in a 12oz Kanteen bottle with some iced coffee or just some cool water.  Again, you’re probably only taking this out for some quick rounds so you don’t need a ton of water with you. 

It may sound like I’m negative on this bag…the truth is I would give it 3.5 – 4 stars out of 5.  It’s a solid bag overall for the beginner.  As someone who has a few bags in their collection already, if you’re missing that supplemental or smaller bag design, maybe start here. This is also the bag I can hand to any of my friends who visit.  I keep it loaded with some of the starter sets we reviewed on Disc Golf Dash so that it’s ready to go for a beginner. Occasionally, I find myself taking it out back to just throw those discs again for practice. So don’t let me discourage anyone from picking this bag out as their small starter bag, you won’t hate it and at this price you might just be happy with it for some time to come. 

Our Top Pick for a Small Disc Golf Bag!

Having featured this bag in both our comprehensive Best Disc Golf Bag list and showing up here as meeting the criteria for best small disc golf bag, it should come as no surprise. 

Our number one pick for Best Small Disc Golf Bag is the Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe Bag.  With 3 bags on this list alone, all chosen not only from our opinion but after much review and positive ratings from others, clearly Infinite Discs is doing something right.  I can’t say enough about this bag but will highlight a few key reasons it was picked as a top option:

  1. Unique Design: I have to give it to them, they took something that most manufacturers make out to be “boring” and did it differently.  I don’t know if the Slinger Deluxe is the first cross body backpack bag, but it sure beats carrying a lunch box replica around.  Make no mistake, I like some of my other satchels, and they do have the advantage of staying off my back, but up here in the high country, we need something stable for hiking around…this fits that bill. 
  2. Just Enough: The Slinger Deluxe holds just enough discs and all of my essentials without being a burden.  Sure there are options on the list that hold more, but start to teeter on just carrying a full sized backpack. Further, the way the Slinger Deluxe gives you options for organizing your stuff is great.  I can throw some stuff up front, in back, to the side, etc.  I like having options and it delivers.
  3. Improvements: Finally, I have to say, when a company listens to it’s client base for an item that was only being sold for this cheap, its refreshing.  Infinite Discs decided to upgrade the first version of the Slinger and improve based on feedback they received.  That says a lot about the company and reflects on this particular product in a good way. Again, there are a few others on the list that have done the same, but not as thoughtfully.  Infinite Discs not only made reasonable improvements but also kept the price well…reasonable. 

I could keep going with accolades for the Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe.  But the truth is that almost all of the bags on this list will make a disc golfer very happy.  This bag though just hits all the sweet spots like a broken in overstable driver that snaps out of your hand on release. I have noticed other companies starting to replicate this design, so as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

Small bag, large article…

Wow, we covered a lot of ground here.  I actually drafted this article with fewer bags in mind but kept finding options worthy of being reviewed.  I also sort of have an addiction to backpacks and bags in general, so bought way too many of these.  Expect to see some giveaways soon!  The list above contains some good options and each is an excellent choice for the starter. Advanced players too might be looking for a better disc golf bag and I hope this list helps anyone find the type of bag they need for a great day outside. Stay tuned for our next addition to this series where we dig into backpack style of bags with no limits on size. 

Until then, take care,


I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!