How To Improve Disc Golf Putting – 3 Quick Tips

Disc golf requires a lot of skills: accuracy, precision, and power. An important step to getting better is with a focus on skills that improve your disc golf putting. It’s what separates an average player from a pro player. If you want to improve your game, there are many things that you can do to get better at putting. However, lets start with 3 quick tips.

While I will probably never consider myself an expert, using some of the tips below I have seen great improvement. These 3 tips, along with other articles you’ll find here on, has made my entire experience more enjoyable.  My goal is to help you get better at disc golf and enjoy your next outing.   

The tips below will help you think differently about your short game. With time they can even help you get to an advanced level.  I have been researching and trying these tips myself only to see improvement. While some may be obvious, they are great reminders on how little tweaks can make a huge impact.

So, if you’re ready to get better at Putting, read on…

Tips To Improve Disc Golf Putting

1. Before Putting – Get Comfortable

This may seem obvious, and I will admit, we are starting out with a bit of “fluff” before getting to the functional tips.  But, hear me out, or rather, continue reading, this section could be the easiest way to improve your putting…

Most beginner players don’t realize you can adjust your stance or positioning when putting.  You can even get down on a knee or use a hand to help balance and support your throw.  However, there are rules to this aspect and “violation” can be called on if in an official tournament. I won’t be going into those today as they are abundantly detailed…but the simple jist of it, don’t step away from where your disc landed, don’t have any supporting appendage past where your disc landed before releasing your putt, and don’t have anything out of bounds. 

For our purposes, which is about having fun and challenging your friend to who buys the next round, we want to know that as a beginner, it’s ok to get down on a knee for the putt throw.  Also, we want to check our surroundings and make sure the area is clear.  Often, towards the green, the basket will be slightly obscured by obstacles.  Make sure you can move your arm and body around said obstacles such as small trees and shrubbery, freely before throwing. 

While you can’t move the disc to a more convenient spot per se, you can move a bit to the side and make sure the tree is out of the way.  (by no means should you break limbs or clear shrubbery to throw your shot, let nature be). Some players will carry a towel or pad with them to lay down before taking a knee, for a little more comfort and to keep those snazzy pants looking fresh, check out something like this: : Towch Kneezie Disc Golf Knee Pad (Basic Black)

The second part of getting comfortable is to take a deep breath…let it all go. Often, the putting green being the farthest away from the tee or fairway shot, requires a bit of a jot along the path.  This can cause even the fittest to get a bit winded and perhaps not even realize they are breathing hard…it’s just walking after all.  But, on a hot day, after several hundred yards over the hills and through the woods, it’s best to recoup a bit before making your putt attempt. I usually take this moment to get a quick swig of water and towel off my putter disc.

“Many shots are missed in life because we fail to drop our baggage and give full concentration to our true goals.”

– Patrick McCormick

So stay relaxed, stay loose, get in position and get comfortable. You will be amazed at how keeping these simple ideals in mind can improve your short game.

2. Use The Right Gear For Improved Putting

A driver disc is not a putter anymore than a putter is a driver disc.  To a beginner, there may not seem to be a lot of differences in the discs but trust me, over time you will think differently.  Now, that’s not to say that you can’t grab your first disc (perhaps the Innova Aviar) and go out to getcha some, but at a minimum I try to carry one of each.

With that said, having a true short game disc is important for those looking to improve their course score and ability to control their putting throws.  Characteristics of a putter disc would be slow in speed, little to no rim, and fly more straight.  This would have ratings along a speed of 2 to 3, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 1.  If you’re looking at – Disc Matrix, I would scroll down to the slower speed discs and start there.

Below are a couple sure fire winners with the recommended specs and reputation to back it as a great putter.  For our full list of putters you should add to your quiver, see our article here: Best Disc Golf Putters 2022

Dynamic Discs Judge (SPEED: 2 GLIDE: 4 TURN: 0 FADE: 1)

As the first putter released by Dynamic Discs the Judge has stood the trial of time to become known as a very reliable and stable disc.  The Judge has similar specs to the other putters on our list; slower speed, nice amount of glide, low turn, and low fade.  What sets it apart might be the smaller rim and bead, giving it a different profile or feel in the hand. And although some may like having a larger rim to grip the disc in different ways, in terms of deciding which is better, we’ll let you be the Judge (sorry, couldn’t resist…it literally rolled off my fingertips as I was typing).

Seriously though, a wider rim such as the Prodigy PA-3 might suit you better as a beginner, but the Judge will give you a nice option to keep in the bag.  Pick one up here at – Dynamic Discs Judge

how to improve disc golf putting

Discraft Magnet – (2,3,-1,1)

The Magnet has been around a long time. It continues to be a go-to approach and short shot disc for new and advanced players alike. The flight path of the Magnet will be slightly different then others on our 2022 Best Putter List. This is due to the slight amount of turn it provides. “Turn”, can be advantageous in many ways. It can give the player confidence that the disc will grab the Hyzer line and curve back to basket. Hopefully not hitting a tree along the path- ha! 

Further, the design of the Magnet has one of the smallest rims on our list. Giving it a very “flat” feel in the hand.  A great disc to purchase a set of and use for practice, the Magnet’s flight characteristics and specs match those of other popular discs. This can be a learning tool to try more “extreme” discs.  Hit and stick to the basket chains often with the Discraft Magnet here: – Magnet

how to improve disc golf putting

3. Focused practice

It might be tempting to do everything you can think of when it comes to improving your disc golf putting. It’s best not to get caught up in the complexity of practicing. Especially when there are simpler ways of improving. For example, you could go out and play 18 holes everyday if this is something that you enjoy doing. However, If you want to avoid a plateau, you should focus on each aspect of your game. This can help improve disc golf putting from the top down.

Professional golfers spend time not only on the course but also focus on every aspect of the game. They may spend one day working on their approach and then another day polishing their short game. So let’s look at a couple of quick putting drills you can do just about anywhere…

Dial in that Distance

As our catchy name for this drill implies, we aim to get a grip on distance and accuracy. Simply put, how far away from the basket we can consistently hit the target. Ideally we have a couple of discs to work with for this drill. Even better if they have the same characteristics.  The setup is in stepping away approximately 15 feet from the basket and throwing two or three shots.  If all the shots go in, you’re free to move a bit further away, if not, move closer.  Once you have the distance locked in and consistently hitting the basket, move around the basket at that range….simple enough, and this could be done with a makeshift target in one’s own back yard.

Challenge your friends (virtually)

One way I find to stay motivated and interested in focused practice is to challenge my friends.  If in person, it might be playing a bit of G.O.L.F. or the disc golf version of basketball’s H.O.R.S.E. After all, we do live in the digital age and there are apps out there that can be leveraged.  I personally find this awesome because some of my friends live across country and this is a fun way to connect. 

While not the fanciest of apps out there, and I will admit to not trying them all, a simple search for Disc Golf Putting will bring up options such as: 



Practice Putting

The great thing about putting practice is that it can be done in the backyard or just about anywhere with a bit of space (take it outside kids, your mom will appreciate it). Some pro’s like to shoot for a goal of a certain number of putts per week. In the spirit of keeping this fun, the best way to learn, I like to come up with various games.  These can range from simple how many putts can I do in a minute to trick shots.  The key with any of these drills is to think of putting as a finesse shot, guiding the disc from hand to basket without forcing it. 

Focusing on these three facets of the game will help you improve quickly and give you motivation for continual practice. It will also let you relax a bit and not worry about taking all of your discs to the course and putting in a full 9-18 hole round. Just go out to an open field, or even your backyard and try working on each skill methodically and with intention. 

…and that’s it!

All 3 tips on this list are things you can try today to see improvement in your short game. They won’t cost you much and they’re the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to improve their putting game. Remember, nothing is better for improvement than good old fashion practice. But, using these tips should give you some immediate results.  I hope you enjoyed your post and we will see you next time.

I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!