The Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf

If you’re looking to improve your disc golf game, a rangefinder is a simple tool you can use to better assess your shots and select the correct disc. Why use a rangefinder? And which one should you get? We’ll break down how a rangefinder can benefit your disc golf game and how to select the one that is best for you. 

“There is nothing worse than seeing your disc fly at the perfect angle, with the perfect accuracy, only to come up short.” – every disc golfer

What Is A Rangefinder? 

A rangefinder is a simple tool that allows you to measure the distance from where you are standing to a target by magnifying the target and shooting a laser beam at it. The laser then reflects back to the device, which is able to calculate the distance. Initially used in regular golf, they are becoming more popular in disc golf as well. 

A rangefinder may also be referred to as a Distance Measuring Device, or DMD. Depending on the rangefinder you use, your device may also be able to calculate the slope of an incline or give you measurements in different units. 

How To Use A Rangefinder 

To use a rangefinder, look through the scope on the device and point it toward your target. Many rangefinders have pin-seeking technology that can pick up a target, like a flag, from against the background and accurately calculate its exact distance. A rangefinder may beep or vibrate when it picks up the target, or specifically reflective material. If your device does not have pin seeking technology, point it to the side of your target, and then directly at your target. The shorter distance will be the more accurate one. 

How A Rangefinder Can Improve Your Disc Golf Game 

Knowing an accurate distance to your target is essential for selecting the right disk and lining up a quality shot. A rangefinder can help measure long distance shots and elevation change or provide angle readings. With a better assessment of how far your disc needs to go, you’ll be able to shoot lower rounds. 

A rangefinder is a good idea to have on hand during field work as well. You can use it to measure your throws and get a sense of your range with different discs. You can apply this knowledge when choosing which disk to use on the course. 

Top 5 Rangerfinders for Disc Golf 

Before you spend money on a rangefinder, make sure you’re investing in something that has all the features you need to improve your disc golf game. Here are 5 rangefinders we recommend for disc golfers of any skill level. 

BUSHNELL Edge Disc Golf Laser Rangefinder 

This rangefinder was specifically designed with disc golf in mind and simple to use. With just the push of a single button, you can calculate the distance between you and your target in either feet or meters. Simply hold down the button to toggle between the two. The Edge can also calculate elevation and angle of attack, giving you a more accurate assessment of your shot. Using scan mode, you can calculate the distance of objects surrounding the target as well. Represents images at 6x magnification and comes with a 5-year Lifetime Ironclad warranty. 

Bushnell gives us a nice video on using their rangefinder:

GOGOGO Sport VPro Laser Rangefinder 

The Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf 

This highly rated rangefinder is equipped with pin-seeking and flag-lock technology to give you the most accurate measurement. JOLT technology lets you know when you’ve found your target by vibrating. This model also includes the Slope Distance Correction function to help you line up the perfect shot. It is lightweight and portable with a comfortable handle, and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about moisture damage if you’re playing on a rainy or foggy day. 

REVASRI Golf & Disc Golf Rangefinder with Slope and Pin Lock 

The Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf 

This device comes with nine different modes for measuring line of sight distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance, speed, two points height difference and more. The distance compensation mode gives you a more accurate prediction of the power you will need to put into a throw to reach your target. It can report your distance in meters, feet, or yards, and provides speed measurements in kilometers per hour and miles per hour. Includes a lanyard for easy transportation around the course. 

Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder 300 Pro 

The Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf 

This bestselling rangefinder is equipped with 6x magnification and can accurately detect distances within a range of 5-1000 yards. Featuring Pin Acquisition Technology with Pulse, the device will lock onto objects up to 300 yards away and emit a short burst of vibration when it does, so you’re sure you’ve got the right distance. Slope mode will provide you with a more accurate calculation of actual throwing distance. It stores measurements so you can manage multiple targets at the same time. 

Infinite Discs Apex NF-600 Rangefinder 

The Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf 

This is a highly advanced rangefinder for a serious disc golfer, made by a premier disc golf company. Using a 905-nanometer class 1 laser, it can measure slope distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance, speed, target height, and the closest and farthest objects in range. It also keeps a backlog of your last 20 readings. Distance Compensation Mode will generate suggestions about the recommended throwing distance to reach any object based on slope and other factors. 

Tips For Using A Rangefinder 

I like to use mine during practice rounds on my home course. Because this is the place I play the most I have a pretty good feel for the distance of elements.  Depending on the player’s position to the sun it might take a second to get an accurate reading. Occasionally I have to hold my hand up and shade the unit to see through the finder better.  

Make no mistake, this wasn’t something I bought my first year of playing.  But over time, I noticed the longer distance I had to throw the more inaccurate I was with my power. Although most tee’s have distance noted, once you’re on the fairway it can be hard to guess. Further, I found large uphill or downhill shots to be difficult to gauge. Having a measurement value raises accuracy.  I also like knowing the precise height readings of baskets and slope calculation.    

At first use, you might not get much out of this tool. But don’t give up, keep pulling it out and measuring your shots. Eventually, that distance measurement you see will align to your muscle memory and you’ll start to reap the benefits. A rangefinder’s ease of use will give you a competitive edge. And although a bit of a luxury item to have, they make great gifts.

Measure Twice Throw Once…

We hope our list of best disc golf rangefinders helps you improve your game inch by inch.  For more tips and tricks to becoming a better disc golfer check out our latest 15 disc golf tips to level up your skills article.

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