Rogue Iron Sling Bag Review

In early Summer we started our 3 part series of Disc Golf Bags. Spanning from the best of the best, to small bags, and finally bags with coolers built in. Now that we’ve had some time to use each of these bags more extensively, let’s dig into the specifics of each. In this post we do a classic Disc Golf Dash Review of the Rogue Iron Sling Bag.

Carrying our precious plastic from basket to basket is no easy task. Not only are our discs somewhat odd shaped items, as opposed to square books and laptops, but as avid players of the sport we have some unique demands.

A good disc golf bag needs to help us manage our disc inventory, carry our essentials, and secure some of our necessities. So load em up and sling em over your shoulder as we share our thoughts on the Rogue Iron Sling Bag that will help you hit the course with style, comfort, and hopefully a whole lot of functionality.   

Rogue Iron Background

When I first found Rogue Iron I really had no idea who they were or what they were about. I went straight to the source reaching out to the company via their website for a bit of detail on their background, and was elated to get a response from one of the founders. Below is what Brian sent me describing their background and history…

“My childhood friend Mike and I started Rogue Iron Disc Golf in early 2019. Mike and I went to preschool through 8th grade together and lived about 2 miles from each other. We went our separate ways for high school but ended up at the same college.

I graduated California State University Northridge with a degree in Business Marketing and started my full time Social Media Marketing job for a Marketing Agency the following Monday. While working for the Marketing Agency, I enjoyed the relaxed work environment which allowed me to take my dog to work with me and take off at noon on Fridays. This is when my love for paddleboarding started.

I started a paddleboard accessories company after I had no luck purchasing the paddleboard accessories that I wanted. In my mind, items were overpriced and/or not the quality that I wanted. I knew I couldn’t run the company alone and I asked Mike if he would take the journey with me and luckily, he said yes. One of the products that we make is a very high-quality backpack for inflatable paddleboards.

Fast forward to 2018 and Mike and I were getting into disc golf. While out on the course, we both brought up the fact that our inflatable paddle board backpacks are better quality than the current disc golf bags on the market. There was a moment that we both looked at each other and without saying anything, we knew that we needed to make some high-quality disc golf bags. After the round, we went to the drawing board and Rogue Iron Disc Golf was started.”

Having one of the founders respond to your request for more information speaks volumes about a company and translates to their standards noted below. Make no mistake though, we’re not sponsored by Rogue Iron and will be giving their Sling bag a true and honest review.

Rogue Iron Standards

With a goal of producing quality made products Rogue Iron focuses on 4 main key areas:

  • Design and Manufacture Top Quality Equipment
  • Provide the Best Customer Service
  • Protect the Environment
  • Inspire Positivity in Our Sport 

“Our purpose is to make the highest quality equipment, provide the best customer service, help players maximize their enjoyment of the sport and make the world a better place. Our commitment demonstrates the urgency to preserve the environment while encouraging the community to do the same.”

Vision: Our vision is to be the company that sets the standards for the disc golf industry and community.

Rogue Iron Sling Bag Disc Golf Dash Review

Rogue Iron Satchel Sling Bag

The Rogue Iron Sling or Satchel, depending on preference, came to me as part of our Best Small Disc Golf Bag Review. At that time I had it in hand, did an initial overview, but hadn’t used it much. Using it now for 6 months I believe I have enough experience to provide you with a more extensive and honest review.

Use Case: for the most part I utilized this bag as my “grab and go” bag. Every week I teach disc golf at the local college and was delighted and shocked to see it held everything I needed.

Load Out: on average I keep 10 discs in the bag. Although I have tested, the Rogue Iron Sling does indeed hold 14 discs. I also throw in my notebook for taking attendance during class and reviewing the chapter notes from our class book, “The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf”. The main disc compartment has three divisions. Perfect for your drivers, mid-ranges and at least 2-4 putters depending on their thickness. 

Rogue Iron Satchel Sling Bag

On the left side I’m able to carry a 32oz water bottle and there is an elastic pocket for a towel, scorecard, or perhaps a granola bar. On the right side there is a pocket for a smaller drink such as my travel coffee mug.  Also, another elastic pocket is in place easily allowing me to stuff a towel.  

Rogue Iron Satchel Sling Bag Left Side

On the backside there is a zipper pocket with ample room for my oversized wallet, truck keys, and a few other miscellaneous items. 

Key Features of the Rogue Iron Sling Bag

  • 14 Disc Capacity
  • Disc Divider For Organization
  • Expandable Mesh Drink Holder: Up to 32oz Nalgene
  • Multiple Pockets: Zipper, Flap, Mesh
  • Lifetime Warranty

Field Testing the Rogue Iron Sling Bag

At the very least I carried this bag out into the field once a week. However, it did come with me on several trips to local courses in the area. About the only time I switched it out for a larger backpack bag was on trips further than 2 hours away or ones that I was going to be playing multiple rounds.

It took a bit of getting used to the sling/satchel style of bag. Having carried a backpack for years I wasn’t sure if I would like the side shoulder holder. Will it stay on or slip off while walking to the next tee? What about comfort towards the end of a full round? What will I do with this rain jacket when I don’t want to carry it anymore?

While I will admit having the dual straps of a backpack is preferred for rough terrain and longer distance holes the single shoulder style is useful in certain scenarios. For instance, I can quickly take it on and off, pull my disc, and set up my shot. Besides, let’s face it, most of us carry our backpacks with only one strap on anyways. Oh and looping my jacket around the strap was no problem, solving that concern with ease.  

A fully loaded Rogue Iron Sling bag can feel a bit heavy, in part because it’s spacious enough to carry just about everything needed, more on that later. But, with the added padding on the strap you’re good to go. My shoulder never got sore (even on a double round), and I never felt like the bag was going to fall off while hiking to my next shot. Further, the strap itself feels bomber and I doubt it will fail on me for many years to come. If it does however, the attachments would make for an easy replacement. 

The top cover seemed a bit lacking at first, although it does snap close even with a full load. In general, the only time I keep it closed is if there is a slight amount of rain coming down or right before I throw it into the backseat for travel. The truth is, the top cover might not even be needed for these style of bags but its a nice finishing touch to the design. 

Finally, the pockets…as mentioned above, I was amazed at the amount of room the bag offered and the pockets make up a portion of that space. One thing that sets this bag apart from others is the variety and placement of the pockets. Most notably is the zipper pocket. Placing it towards the backside near the body is optimal because that is where I secure my important stuff like the keys and wallet. 

While the zipper takes the most notable designation, let’s face it, the most important pockets are the disc drink holders. I doubted the marketing of a mesh drink holder that could hold a 32oz Nalgene, but I would say it can do that and perhaps slide a bar in the side. With a cinch top loop one could possibly fit a few cans of beer in there instead of water should you choose to do so.

With all that weight on one side of the bag it will get a bit tipsy when carrying…of course you might get a bit tipsy if you lessen the weight by drinking the aforementioned beer. The solution is simple, use the other side drink holder / covered pocket to balance out your beverage foray. 

The additional mesh elastic pockets are perfect for a towel, small tissues, chapstick, sunscreen, etc. While nothing to write home about, they are sufficient and it’s nice to have one on each side.   

Durability Of The Rogue Iron Sling Bag

Part of a field test should be how well the item holds up to use over time.  After 6 months I would give the satchel not only raving reviews but say it got better.  The material used comes out of the box a bit stiff but breaks in well and seems to be holding up nicely. 

I have thrown this bag into my backseat multiple times, plopped it down on the ground over and over, quickly lifted it up to move onto the next basket, all without failure or lack of confidence. 

Some may balk at not having a reinforced bottom or little rubber feet to keep it off the ground.  And while I will admit that is a key feature we have noted in other bag reviews, it really isn’t at the top of my list. Most courses these days have a bench or hangers to put your bag on. And honestly, if it’s that wet out, I am probably not going out to play, else I am traveling with my backpack bag.

Warranty For The Rogue Iron Sling Bag

I foresee this bag lasting me several years with little to no issue. However, if an issue should arise I am happy to report that at this time Rogue Iron offers a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects. 

“All bags come with a lifetime warranty. Original receipt is required. The warranty covers the bags for the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty doesn’t guarantee against misuse. A bag with equal use may be used to replace a bag that is defective.”

So this might not cover a ten year old bag that is finally worn out from general use (although I would give it a shot and reach out to their excellent customer service), it does give me the confidence that the company stands behind their product. 

What The Rogue Iron Sling Bag Taught Me

I really didn’t think the satchel style of bags had much use. My suggestion for players was to use them as backup bags. Throw them in your car with your older discs in case you by chance want to throw a quick 9. You could also use them for providing your friends or partner with their own set. With that said, I was mistaken…the Rogue Iron Sling Bag has taught me a valuable lesson that size doesn’t matter while at the same time become my most used bag and here is why:

  • Lesson #1: Organization Matters. Most small sling bags don’t have enough pockets or divisions to keep your stuff in order. The Rogue Iron Bag lets you divide up your discs by type, allowing for a quick decision on what to throw. I typically stash my putters in the middle divider with the mid-range discs. Providing me room for a sandwich, notebook, and even a lightweight jacket to be stuffed into the ample space of the front putter pocket.
  • Lesson #2: Pockets Pockets and More Pockets. Speaking of pockets, funny story, the elastic mesh pocket on the left side, I didn’t realize it was there until writing this review. I literally have used this bag for 6 months and still found a new pocket! True that pocket isn’t the most useful out of the bunch, it still speaks volumes for the quantity and distribution of the pockets. A good design is going to utilize as much of the bag real-estate as possible. This company has pockets on every side of the bag of all various types. Making it hard for me to use any bag without all those options.
  • Lesson #3: Pay For Quality. Sure you can find slightly cheaper bags in the small bag capacity level, but I doubt you’re going to find one at this quality. You can find more expensive bags too that don’t have this many features. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and you get a lot with the Rogue Iron Sling Bag.  

Let Me Bag This Up For Ya…

What started as an overview of some of the best small disc golf bags the industry has to offer has turned into a full on test and review for each. By far the Rogue Iron Sling Bag is my favorite of the lot and I think you will agree as well. If you’re searching for a new bag or looking for a great Disc Golf Gift, this would be the item I suggest.  

How does one package so much value into this size of bag? Rogue Iron certainly figured out a way to do so. For a company who’s vision is to set a standard for the disc golf industry and community, I would say they are on the right track with their sling bag.

Oh and be sure to check out some of their other products including their hydration pack, and dice game. Also, Brian mentioned they are testing out a new product, and I for one will be anxious to get my hands on it, knowing it was designed with quality in mind.

Let us know your thoughts and share your opinion with the community on the Rogue Iron Sling Bag below in the comments. 



I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!