New Disc Golf Discs To Try In 2023

Each year we scout out the latest and greatest offerings from your favorite disc golf companies. Searching for that ultimate “pole cat” or other unique flying saucer. 

While not every disc on this list may top our best disc golf discs for 2023 list, they certainly are intriguing. With the supply chain shortages behind us, these companies have been producing new plastic for us to throw. 

So here we go, these brand new discs are ready for you to give a toss or two. Let’s check out new disc golf discs to try in 2023…

When Should You Replace Disc Golf Discs?

  1. Inconsistent Flying: over time, discs get beat up, worn out, and sometimes the dreaded “doink” against a tree (or worse, basket rim doinks) even warps a disc. When this happens, it’s definitely time to refresh the inventory. 
  2. Your Disc Golf Skills Improved: if you started crushing the 250ft plus range from the tee, it might be time to up your inventory. Beginners should throw slower speed, understable discs. But as your skills improve, it’s time to get higher speed stable discs in the mix. 
  3. New Year, New Discs: we’re not saying replace your entire bag. Keep the tried and true old reliable ready for your next round. But take a look at our list below and I think you’ll agree there are a few discs worth picking up. Besides, it’s a new year and you deserve something fresh to bag.

Do Disc Golf Discs Wear Out?

Disc golf discs are made of plastic. Depending on the plastic type some are more durable than others. However, after several rounds of use, a disc golf player will start to see signs of wear and tear. While minor scratches and burrs are no reason to send your Westside King to Vahalla, the larger the damage, the greater impact on performance. 

Why Do You Need Different Discs For Disc Golf?

Avoiding bag stagnation is a real challenge. While a few discs is all one needs to get started, adding to your arsenal will greatly improve your skills, and vice versa. Overtime, you will see that different discs, along with different plastic types, make a difference in your game. 

Rebalance Your Bag: when I started out, I threw only a handful of discs. Much like other beginners, a few friends donated to my cause and I picked up a starter set as well. Often beginners have an “unbalanced” set of discs in their bag…lots of putters, very few mid-ranges and way too many high speed distance drivers. 

Seek And you Shall Find: perhaps the most important aspect of trying different discs is to find a type that suits your style. For instance, I seem to prefer discs with a “flat” rim vs one’s that curve a bit like a traditional frisbee. Besides, trying a new disc is fun. 

Looking For New Disc Golf Discs In 2023

Where should we start our list of new to you options for your disc golf inventory? Let’s start in the middle…some awesome new mid-ranges came out late last year and or slated for early 2023. But, as always, this underserved disc type is lacking in comparison to the Driver and Putter. 

Perhaps not as sexy as bombing down the course or hitting the 25ft birdie, the mid-ranges and fairway drivers are key to balancing your bag. Even more so for the beginner with a weaker arm.  

We follow up the fairway and midrange selection with some faster distance drivers and finish strong with a solid selection of putters. So, without further ado, check these new options below:

Disc Golf Discs To Try In 2023

Doomsday Discs – Blackout (8, 5, -2, 1)

Doomsday Discs is struggling to keep their lineup in stock. With new options set to come out in mid-2022, and yet hard to get, there is some availability in the Catastrophic line. 

The Blackout is part of that Catastrophic line and more importantly known as their 3rd prototype. This understable fairway driver would make a perfect choice for any disc golf player. I for one love the design, stamp options and the feel of the rim…it’s flat enough to suit my preference but slightly curved to give it a smooth release. 

Pick up a Doomsday Disc Blackout here on Amazon.

Innova Discs – Jay (5, 4, 0, 1)

Ya’ll know by now that Innova is going to keep innovating and producing new discs for us to throw, and I’m ok with that. But the Jay is one mid-range I am excited to pick up. For me the Innova Shark is a go-to straight flyer when I need to hit that mando between the trees. The Jay is just that, only with a bit more speed and less fade. Exactly the type of perfect refresh my bag needs for one of the three Sharks that are slowly wearing down. 

Innova says it best when describing the Jay: “A micro-beaded Mid-Range with a true-to-release flight, the Innova Jay will be a staple in bags everywhere. This all-purpose disc can handle power or be finessed. It has better torque-resistance than most Mid-Ranges, but still finishes straight. It is one of our most point-and-shoot discs on the market. The Jay’s low-profile design fits comfortably in your hand for a clean release every throw.”

Get your hands on the Innova Jay here on Amazon.

Loft Discs – Alpha Solid Silicon (5, 4, 0, 3)

Making it to the shelves in late 2022 the new mid-range from Loft was a welcome addition to their lineup, and my bag. I typically don’t like a curvy rim but for some reason Loft discs provide an exception. 

This is my new go-to “parking” disc. When I am 50-100 ft out and I want a disc that reliably puts me near the basket I have been pulling this one out of the bag. That extra fade at the end really helps bring it back to the basket and stick the landing. 

Check out the Loft Silicon here on Amazon.

Streamline Discs – Jet (11, 5, -3, 2)

Now that we’ve had our hands on the Jet for a few months let me tell you all about it. MVP, Axiom, and Streamline, all sister companies, all producing unique and quality products. The Jet is no exception. First, the understable characteristics of the Jet make it a must have for beginner to intermediate players. But on top of the specs you get a tough plastic sure to withstand next year’s mulligans. Feels good in the hand, releases smoothly, and turns over with ease. 

Pick up a Streamline Jet here on Amazon.

Doomsday Discs – Plague (12, 5, -1, 2.5)

Hitting us with the Plague, Doomsday provides us with a new distance driver. The first of their prototyped discs the Plague is sure to get some inquiries from your fellow disc golf friends. Even with a bit of turn in it the consistent fade and stiff plastic make for a stable feel. I picked one up on the sheer name alone and for the need to fill a 12 speed slot in my bag. We will certainly be keeping an eye on Doomsday Discs as their Plague spreads throughout the #discgolfcommunity

Use some gloves when picking up a Doomsday Plague here on Amazon.

Thought Space – Aura (12, 5, -1.5, 3)

You may think of Thought Space as more of a design company…that’s how they got started. Designing various products for all types of industry. But this effort led them to the disc golf world and we are the lucky ones to reap their creativity. Don’t be fooled though, they are designing discs for Infinite Discs and have a ton of experience making quality molds with supreme plastic.

The Aura comes at us with a relatively low key design. Most of Thought Spaces designs are way more intricate and “busy”. I like it though and think others will as well. With a speed of 12 and slight turn the Aura hits that sweet spot for distance drivers. I can’t really say much about this disc as I haven’t gotten one yet and there isn’t a ton of information about it. But I think the company is worth checking out from a design perspective alone. 

Ponder your way into picking up a Thought Space Aura here on Amazon.

Dismania – Razor Claw 3 (4, 2, 0, 4)

The Razor Claw should be thought of more as an approach disc then a true putter…perhaps even slightly a mid-range disc. Regardless, in it’s 3rd iteration the Razor claw continues to prove itself. With a fade of 4 you can throw the “S” curve and be sure it will come back on the predictable path.

Give this tried and true disc a try and pick up a Razor Claw 3 here on Amazon. 

MVP – Neutron Glitch (1, 7, 0, 0)

This is the putter everyone wants and yet makes you scratch your head when you look at the flight specs. With their overmold technology in place, the Glitch is said to glide for days. Touted as a “warm-up” disc for some catch and throw action, the Neutron Glitch is PDGA approved for tournament play. 

MVP says it best: “Neutron Soft plastic makes the Glitch easily catchable when throwing around with a friend, but it also makes the Glitch an awesome approach or scramble disc because of its tendency to sit where it lands.”

Get a grip with the MVP Glitch here on Amazon.

Prodigy 500 – A5 (3, 4, -1, 1)

If you’re not familiar with how Prodigy rates their discs let me give you the two second explanation. They have plastics that range from 200 to 750…the higher the number the stiffer, more durable the plastic. They have models that use A, M, and D to denote approach, midrange, and driver, respectively. They then take each and give it a number from 1-7…they higher the number the more understable. 

Long story short, the A5 in the 500 line of plastic should be slightly understable but stiff and durable. This disc will start out as a slightly overstable disc but then break in and be stable, eventually becoming slightly understable. Which is nice, because it should last a long time and continue to feel good…so long as it doesn’t get warped from too many “doinks”. A really cool looking disc that should give you some confidence when you need a straight flying approach shot. 

Check the Prodigy 500 A5 here on Amazon. 

What Are You Trying And Buying In 2023?

We just covered some of the best new disc golf discs in the game as of 2023! These discs are ready to be added to your bag and getting out on the course. If you want the latest and greatest, these discs are it. But no one can keep up with it all…so what did we miss? Leave a comment below so we can continue to update this list with new disc golf discs to try in 2023. 

Take Care


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