Best Portable Disc Golf Basket (2023 Edition!)

With 2023 upon us, it’s time to bring you up to date on the the latest and greatest. While some of our Best Portable Disc Golf Basket list remains the same, there are a few new additions.

In this post we’re going to look at three things:

  • Reasons for owning a portable disc golf basket.
  • What makes a great disc golf basket.
  • Top options for choosing a disc golf basket

Let’s get to it!…

Why You Need A Portable Disc Golf Basket

Whether you play for fun, a competitive edge, or both, we can all agree disc golf is a great way to pass the time and get some healthy exercise in the beautiful outdoors. Oh, and it’s also a fun challenge!  

3 Reasons To Own A Disc Golf Basket:

  • Practice Anywhere: if you’re like me, you may not have the time to visit your local disc golf course regularly to put in the time you would like. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Portable disc golf targets such as a PDGA approved basket allows you the freedom to practice wherever and whenever you want. 
  • Improve Your Game: like most sports we invest time in, we want to be good at it. It’s not as much fun playing any game if one never scores. Unless you’re born with insane talent, disc golf requires practice to continue improving your skills. 
  • Cost Effective: with gas prices at an all time high, the cost alone to drive to a disc golf course could add up. Having a disc golf basket in your backyard alleviates this cost. On average a portable disc golf basket will run you $150-$200. Making them fairly inexpensive in comparison the value you receive.

What Makes A Great Basket? 

But what makes for a good disc golf basket? If you’re practicing to make perfect or simply want to get in more playtime, a portable basket is an investment worth researching to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.  Here are a few factors of what to look for in a good disc golf basket:

  • Price: to start with the obvious, affordability is a factor. A reasonable price point is under $200, though some options are far more expensive. As is often, when it comes to the portable disc golf basket you get what you pay for. However, one of the cheapest options on our list, MVP Black Hole Lite, is #3 on Amazon right now, and offers superior value.
  • Durability: construction and materials matter. Metal baskets made with heavy-duty materials are certainly the most durable choice and might be an important thing to consider. Especially if you’re going to leave it out in the elements for long periods of time. Take note of the gauge of the high-quality materials used. This is an essential quality versus portability factor. The heavier gauge will withstand more wear and tear, whereas the lighter gauge is lighter for portability.  
  • Chains: it’s not really a disc golf basket without them and perhaps one of the most important aspects of a good one. Galvanized heavy-duty chains will withstand the elements of the great outdoors, whereas non galvanized chains will corrode over time. The number of chains can also be an important factor. The more metal chains, the better to prevent your disc from bouncing out of the basket.  
  • Portability: If you plan to transport your basket to different locations, choose one that folds up for easier portability. Some options come with a carrying case that can easily be stashed in the trunk of your car or stored in the garage. Often manufactures will offer a case as a separate option: Disc Golf Basket Accessories.
  • Size: some baskets are wider than others, making scoring easier, but a narrower basket with a compact size allows you to improve your disc golf game. Knowing your goal will help decide on this feature and choose the right basket for you. 

We include below a list of the best portable disc golf baskets for your consideration, along with the pros and cons of each.  

The Best Disc Golf Baskets Of 2023 

My #1 Pick – MVP Black Hole Lite

I have been using this basket for the past year to teach disc golf at the local college. We transport it, build it, beat it up, and take it down…yet it still looks brand new. Plus, at its current price the value is high.


  • 24 CHAINS – Professional quality design oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut throughs and pole bounces.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY – Assembles or disassembles in under a minute.
  • STURDY – All-Metal construction with a unique threaded tension connection design.
  • 25% LIGHTER – Weighing in at just 26 lbs vs the Black Hole Pro or Axiom Pro Practice Basket.
  • PDGA APPROVED – built to standard PDGA height and size regulation.

If you’d like the MVP Lite without case, you can get it here on Amazon.

If you’d like the MVP Lite with carrying case, you can get it here on Amazon.

MVP Black Hole PRO

If you plan on keeping your basket outside then step up to the pro version of the MVP Black Hole. Approximately 10 pounds heavier than the lite version, you can certainly transport it, but you won’t want to move it around a lot. However, that extra weight can play to your advantage for overall improved sturdiness. This basket checks all the boxes with a 5-star rating of more than three thousand customer reviews. 


  • 24 HIGH VISIBILITY zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains, 12 outer and 12 inner chains equidistantly oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut throughs and pole bounces
  • The Transit bags are made out of a very durable 1680D polyester material to withstand the heavy weight of the baskets
  • Uniquely engineered design – assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute
  • PDGA Approved and built to standard PDGA height and size regulation

If you’d like the MVP Pro without case, you can get it here on Amazon.

If you’d like the MVP Pro with carrying case, you can get it here on Amazon.

Axiom Discs Pro

With an impressive 4.9-star customer rating, the Axiom Discs Pro is a fantastic practice basket option. It not only has all the features you would hope for but comes in six beautiful colors to make it stand out. Overall sturdiness resides between the MVP Lite and MVP Pro but much like their sister company they have multiple options depending on your needs. Really this comes down to aesthetics, but who doesn’t want an awesome colored basket for their backyard.


  • 24 CHAINS – Professional quality design oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut throughs and pole bounces.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY – Assembles or disassembles in under a minute.
  • STURDY – All-Metal construction with a unique threaded tension connection design.
  • UNIQUELY ENGINEERED – assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute
  • PDGA APPROVED – built to standard PDGA height and size regulation

If you’d like the Axiom Discs Pro, you can get it here on Amazon.

If you’d like the Axiom Discs Lite, you can get it here on Amazon.

Want a more heavy duty Axiom Discs Pro, get the HD version here on Amazon.

Remix Practice Basket

At only 26 pounds, this is an excellent portable option. The Remix Double Chain Practice Basket is one of the cheapest options at this quality. The gauge is lighter than the Axiom and Black Hole, but it has adequate durability at a fantastic price. The chains are zinc coated, and no tools are required for assembly. If your budget is light, this Remix is highly recommended. It has a 4.8-star rating of more than fifteen hundred customer reviews. It also comes with stakes to ground the unit, offsetting the con of the lighter gauge, though most customers have commented they haven’t needed to use the stakes when on a level surface.  


  • DESIGN: Created with 24 Zinc coated chains in 2 layers with 12 chains a piece, this basket is made of metal, is heavy duty, and is perfect for outside environments.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The practice target is easy to move around and assemble with no tools needed. It can be put up or taken down within minutes and is light enough to easily move around the yard.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS: currently Remix offers this basket in three colors (red, black, blue).
  • DIMENSIONS: The basket weighs 26.5 pounds and built to standard PDGA height and size regulations.

If you would like the Remix Practice Basket, get it here on Amazon.

Innova Discatcher Traveler Target

Perhaps the lightest of the targets on the list, at just 15 pounds, the Innova Discatcher is an Amazon favorite with over 86% five star ratings. The simple setup is as easy as a camping chair, beach umbrella, or portable table. Speaking of camping, this might be the perfect option for those that love the game and want a little entertainment around the campground. The Discatcher comes with a tote bag for storage and packability. Coming in multiple colors, with a quick release for take down, and thoughtful features such as anchor points to resist any wind, this might be the ultimate portable disc golf basket. 


  • SIMPLE TRANSPORT & SET UP: Comes with matching tote bag for quick transportation and storage; Easy one-action set up
  • STURDY DESIGN: 12 steel chains help better mimic a permanent target; Five legs create a wide, solid base; Anchor rings and stakes help secure on uneven surfaces and windy days
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs just 15 pounds; Our lightest portable target
  • MESH FABRIC: Extra wide basket tray is made of lightweight, durable, quick-drying mesh; Designed to withstand wind and weather
  • PORTABLE: Perfect for camping, trips to the beach, adventures in the mountains or on a trip to the park; Also great for schools, churches, and youth camps

If you want to pick up the Innova Discatcher, get it here on Amazon.

Dynamic Discs Recruit

With fewer customer reviews than the others we’ve included, the Dynamic Discs Light-weight Recruit deserves mention. The two and 3-star ratings mentioned damage during shipping and were rated several months ago. Based on the more recent ratings of 4 and 5 stars and an overall rating of 4.8, we speculate the manufacturer took the feedback to the drawing board and improved the  packaging.  

Slightly heavier than the Remix and a similar weight to the others at 35 pounds, this all-metal, 24-chain basket meets PDGA specifications and comes with stakes for grounding. It is available in standard black  and vibrant blue. We love options!  


  • 24 ZINC-COATED CHAINS for high visibility and tournament quality practice without sacrificing durability
  • 1 MINUTE ASSEMBLY, NO TOOLS NEEDED – quick set up and take down for on-the-go practice or easy storage
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – 35-pound assembled weight ensures comfortable carrying and transportation
  • STURDY, ALL-METAL CONSTRUCTION with included ground stakes ensure quality practice on any surface
  • STANDARD HEIGHT AND SIZE – built to PDGA basket specifications for practice that translates to the course

If you would like to grab the Dynamic Discs Recruit, get it here on Amazon.

MVP Black Hole Precision Trainer

If your skill level is intermediate to advanced, the Precision Trainer is for serious disc golfers like yourself. It has a 12” chain tier diameter for narrow target focus. The 12 chains are heavy duty, course weight, and the narrow basket forces the golfer to concentrate. Customers have noted their satisfaction with the quality of the basket and attest to a substantial improvement in their putting.  

A few points to consider, the chains are loud on impact and can present an issue for your neighbors. Also, a customer mentioned the basket doesn’t hold the 20 discs he typically practices with. It is suited to a maximum of 12 discs.  


  • PRECISION TRAINING BASKET – The Black Hole Precision will help improve your accuracy and confidence on the disc golf course by honing your skills during home practice.
  • 12 CHAINS – High visibility zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY – Assembles or disassembles in under a minute.
  • STURDY – All-Metal construction with a unique threaded tension connection design.
  • PDGA STANDARDS – Built to standard PDGA Height & Size Regulation

If your ready for a bit of precision practice pick up the MVP Black Hole Precision, here on Amazon.

Hive Disc Golf Lite

If you are new to the game and want a decent basket to practice throwing, the Hive Lite will fulfill your wish list. It’s another light, 26-pound basket, and a 4.7-star customer rating. The price is excellent for what you get.  


  • 24 CHAINS – Professional quality design oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut throughs and pole bounces.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY – Assembles or disassembles in under a minute.
  • STURDY – All-Metal construction with a unique threaded tension connection design.
  • 25% LIGHTER – Weighing in at just 26 lbs vs the MVP Black Hole Pro or Axiom Pro Practice Basket.
  • PDGA APPROVED – built to standard PDGA height and size regulation.

If you would like to grab the Hive Lite basket, get it here on Amazon.

DGA Mach Lite

Designed for portability, this DGA Mach Lite does not sacrifice quality. The Mach Lite basket folds up easily for portability and ease of setup. It folds up in its custom travel bag for  comfortable transport and storage and comes in blue, red, and green. Get them all and set up your private backyard course. 

The Mach Lite has a customer rating of 4.5 but has only 198 ratings. Based on the quality of the unit and the positive feedback so far, we expect this rating to increase as more reviews come in. Although we are a little leery of the fabric design, this in turn is a pro as it allows it to easily fold up like an umbrella. If your concerned, check out the DGA Mach Shift below.


  • By DGA, the founding company of disc golf and the standard for disc golf baskets. Regulation size collapsible portable disc golf target perfect for practice. Easy to fold, move and store.
  • Excellent, lightweight, high quality disc golf target for practice, playing casual disc golf at the park, the beach, camping or in the backyard.
  • The DGA Mach Lite basket can foldup and is portable and durable for travel. The target is transportable, easy to set up and folds together in it’s own carrying bag with shoulder strap.
  • The DGA Mach Lite practice target is the best foldable basket that is the same size as a standard tournament disc golf basket.

If you would like to grab a DGA Mach Lite, pick one up here on Amazon.

DGA Mach Shift

The Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket is a lightweight all-metal disc golf basket featuring 3 main chain configurations, each designed to hone your putting and focus. With its telescoping pole and variable chain attachments, the Mach Shift is completely modular with many possible chain configurations. Become the putting champion of your local putting league with the skills you learn from practicing on the Mach Shift.  

Go from a standard, advanced, to pro target level by adjusting the center chain position. Allowing you to hone in your accuracy. The DGA Mach Lite listed above is a little lighter than this version, but if you’re looking for something a little more permanent but still portable, this is a great option.


  • 3-in-1 Basket Design
  • Shift your Target Zone
  • Telescoping Pole
  • Lightweight

If you would like a DGA 3-in-1 Practice Basket, get it here on Amazon.

Franklin Sports Disc Golf Basket

Similar to the DGA Mach Lite in design and quality.  The Franklin Disc Golf Basket is currently the #1 portable disc golf basket on Amazon. Perhaps that’s due to the low price or it might be due how easy it is to set up. Similar to an umbrella, in two steps you can be in full on practice mode. Eventually the serious disc golfer may need something a little more robust, but some buyers have taken it on themselves to modify and upgrade this unit as needed.  Others see this as a good option to make a little course as an additional basket. For whatever your reason, this is a nice option to get you started and help you enjoy a bit of backyard practice.


  • PORTABLE DISC GOLF BASKET: This disc golf target is made for players of all skill levels to design their own holes and bring the game on the go.
  • PDGA APPROVED – Disc Golf Basket approved by PDGA (Basic Category)
  • QUICK SET UP: The sturdy, easy-assembly frame design makes setup quick on nearly any surface. The unique umbrella shape provides foldable simplicity, so you can spend more time playing and less time setting up.
  • EASY TRANSPORT: This Franklin disc golf target folds up for easy transport and storage, and also includes a carry bag to ensure everything stays organized. Take this target basket to the park, the beach, or anywhere else for disc golf fun.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This target comes with steel chains and a durable nylon basket for a professional quality feel that lasts year after year

If you want to grab a Franklin Disc Golf Basket, pick one up here on Amazon.

Yaheetech Disc Golf Basket

One of the lowest priced metal baskets on the list, Yaheetech Disc Golf Basket is a company I had never heard of, but apparently more than a thousand positive reviewers had. Constructed of a heavy-duty painted metal frame and galvanized chains, this 12-chain disc golf basket is built to withstand the elements and ready for your long-term use. It is built to standard height, providing both professionals and amateurs a perfect way to practice and improve their flying disc technique.

Note: there is an updated version of this basket, but it comes at a price.  The update provides additional chains for a better catch of the disc and being more true to a tournament style basket. It also comes with a carrying case.  


  • Stable & Robust: This solid basket contains 12 strands of heavy-duty chain for better catching; welded joints and big base frame strengthen the stability of this basket; comes with 3 ground stakes for double stability, no need to worry about tipping over by the hit from the disc or wind.
  • Portable & Easy-to-store: Built in a lightweight and collapsible structure, convenient to move and transport; can be simply disassembled into a flat and compact size when not in use.
  • Thoughtful details: Featuring a 64 cm / 25.2’’ basket for catching and storing the disc; comes with an eye-catching flag on top to help improve the accuracy of your throw; 3 ground anchors are included for double security.
  • PRACTICAL & FUN: This portable disc golf basket is definitely a great accessory to practice and improve disc sport technique for both starters and senior disc golf lovers to use in the park, backyard, schoolyard, basketball gym and also can add lots of fun in a family camping or tailgate party.
  • Simple assembly: To ensure quick setup and disassembly, this flying disc basket only contains 6 pieces (base, base rod, basket, top rod, chain belt, and top ring), which only takes you a few minutes to set up under the detailed instructions.

To pick up a Yaheetech Disc Golf Basket, check it out here on Amazon.

Disc Golf Basket Accessories

Take your backyard game to a whole new level…or travel with ease. Improve your basket and make your friends envious of your personal disc golf course. Consider adding a few of these accessories to level up your portable basket. Also makes a great gift for the avid disc golfer.

MVP Disc Sports LED Disc Golf Basket Light.

This light is fully remote controllable, offering many different color lighting options at the push of a button. Multiple timer options available for 4 or 8 hour modes, so you can set it and forget it. The Lunar Module LED light is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are easy to replace, keeping this light glowing all season long! Elevate your Glow rounds with these premium basket lights.

Waybelive LED Rim Light.

I can’t say these are better then other led light strips on the market, but they are one of the few supporting disc golf, and for me thats worth giving them a try.  Easy to instal using zip ties, and with some nice customization options for 16 different colors or patterns, have some fun playing into the evening or adding a little flair to your glow rounds.

MVP Disc Sports Black Hole HD Transit Bag

The bag easily fits most disc golf baskets but was specifically designed for the MVP Black Hole series. It’s highly durable, easy to use, and helps organize the components of your basket. Also, it comes with padded carrying handles.


  • UNIQUE DESIGN – The Black Hole HD Transit Bag is designed for heavy-duty transport of the Black Hole Pro HD basket series by MVP Disc Sports.
  • HEAVY-DUTY – The Transit bags are made out of a very durable 1680D polyester material to withstand the consistent transport of baskets.
  • EASY PROTECTION – For easy transportation and added protection for your bag on the go, by safely enclosing your baskets into different compartments.
  • ADAPTABLE – Designed for the MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Pro HD Basket and future HD Models.

Grab the MVP Disc Sport Black Hole Transit Bag here on Amazon.

Disc Golf Basket FAQ

Answering some of the top questions people ask, we offer these facts for disc golf portable practice baskets.

What Is The Best Practice Disc Golf Basket?

How many disc golf baskets do you need?

A standard PDGA approved disc golf course has 18 baskets to play, although you can choose to throw a half round of only 9. However for the backyard practice basket disc golf course, only one is needed.

Are all disc golf baskets the same size?

The size of the portable practice disc golf basket may vary a bit depending on the use case. Some are designed to be a bit smaller for portability and others for precision training. The PDGA classifies different size baskets depending on their size, however the PDGA does not have a standard weight for disc golf baskets. The recommended weight is between 20-40 pounds. The upper ring for the chains is 21.3 inches wide, while the lower basket must be at 25.7 inches.

Do disc golf baskets rust?

Portable disc golf baskets can rust if left outside in the elements and have sustained continued abuse from discs. Powder coated galvanized finishes offer the best protection from rust, however moving the basket into a covered storage area, such as a garage, is recommended for longevity.

Why do disc golf baskets have chains?

The original disc golf “baskets” where actually just poles. The objective was simply to strike the pole. However, this led to several issues causing innovation of the basket to rectify and improve game play. The first was being able to hear the actual striking of the pole. Without the rattling of chains, this was a problem from a distance. The second was being able to actually see the disc hit the pole versus being caught in the basket itself. Finally, the chains offer a catching experience slowing down the disc and making it clear to all players the disc has indeed hit it’s target.

Hit The Chains No Matter Where You Play…

There are many options that can make for an excellent choice in a portable disc golf basket. This can cause the selection process to be overwhelming. If you’re still unsure what will best meet your needs, we recommend making a list of your priorities and intent compared to the features that coincide with them.

New to the sport, plan to transport regularly, and will be using on un-level ground, you might want to choose a lighter model that comes with ground stakes. If you’re a more seasoned player and plan to play hard, a heavier model would better suit your style. If you want a course-like experience, professional disc golf association regulations for size and height will be important to you.  

We love disc golf too! If you’d like to read more product reviews for the sport, check out some more of our posts.  Happy Disc Golfing!  


I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!