Best Disc Golf Bag With Cooler: 2022

Our final article in the Best Disc Golf Bags series comes at just the right time.  As summer creeps into the warmer months hydration becomes more important.  And there is nothing like a frosty beverage out on the course.  So let’s end our bag series with perhaps the coolest sub-category of disc golf bags.

We often see the question: What is the best disc golf bag with a cooler on the message boards and forums. So it would be remiss to not check into this and report back to our dedicated readers.  Besides the fact that playing outside all day is ubiquitous with the celebratory cheers after a long round…and down right required if you hit the basket off the tee shot!

Best Disc Golf Bag with Cooler Comparison Chart

ImageProductDisc CapacityStyleUseFeatures
Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag 10 – 18 Discs6+ CansSling, Lunch BoxCasual, TournamentRemovable Insulated Cooler Capable of Holding 6 16oz Cans
Disc Golf Cooler Bag13 – 22 Discs9 CansBackpackCasual, TournamentOpen Back For Wind Flow, Mini Pocket, Bottom Feet
Dynamic Discs Commander 20 Discs6 CansBackpackCasual, Tournament2 Storage Pockets, 2 Water Bottle Holders, Removable Insulated Cooler
STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag With Cooler 16 Discs24 CansBackpackTournament, CaddyLarge Capacity, Tons of pockets, Unique Features
Rogue Iron Disc Golf Backpack and Cooler15 Discs6 CansBackpackCasual, TournamentMedium Capacity, Easy Access to Discs, Unique Water Bottle Holder

Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

Load up on your favorite frosty beverage and prepare to hit the course all day. With a max capacity of 18 discs, 10 if you include the cooler, and plenty of optionable pockets, you’ll be ready for “one more round” out on the course.

I pack my Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler bag with lunch, two waters, and a few cold drinks.  Plus a set of discs I want to throw that day. I can even stash a small packaway rain jacket in there if I throw a couple of putters up front in the putter pocket.  The side zipper pockets holds cell phones and all of my valuables but there is also a top under lid mesh pocket as well.

This is a great bag design, albeit a little more bulky than other options on the list. The thing I really like, and my wife too, about this bag is its ability to be multifunctional.  In fact that’s how I talked her into letting me get it.  We have used this bag for various other adventures and it works great.

A little more on the pricey side compared to other options on this list, it isn’t unreasonable for what you get.  Dynamic Discs continues to provide bags that give us players a lot of value. It definitely has been worth it, although you might want to compare to other cooler based bags in the larger backpack bag style. 

The cooler portion is removable for cleaning or if you just want additional space. Also, although designed with an adjustable shoulder strap, Dynamic Discs offers backpack style straps, sold separately, if you’re the type of person who would prefer to turn it into a dual strap as opposed to single shoulder. It comes in three different colors, not sure why they list them separately, but here are your options below:

Disc Golf Cooler Bag

At first you may think this is an odd addition to our list.  I agree, this bag has an odd design, made by a generic brand, but literally has the name Further, with hundreds of 4.5 star ratings, I had to include this option. 

Not all nice things come from the big manufacturers. In fact, some of my favorite bags from our small bag list are created by companies I had never heard of. The DGcooler bag has open backpack straps for easy carrying or to sling it over a shoulder.  It has a removable cooler that can hold 9 cans. With thoughtful design elements such as bottom side nubs to keep it dry, and plenty of pocket storage, you might give it a try. Depending on how you pack it the number of discs it can hold will vary between 13 and 22. However, it does get mixed reviews and seems to be in or out of stock often. 

Dynamic Discs Commander

It should come at no surprise that Dynamic Discs hits the target again with a superior disc golf cooler bag.  This time in the backpack style, as compared to the above reviewed Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf BagDynamic Discs continues to produce reliable products for disc golfers worldwide.

This might be my next Summer purchase.  It seems to be a well thought out bag that has everything you need in a quality built disc golf backpack. Details such as nubs on the bottom to keep it dry, multiple zipped pockets, and extra padding, all make for a 5 star rating in the hundreds (and growing).  The reviews alone make it seem like a worthy addition to your collection.

One of the design decisions I can appreciate is how modular the setup seems to be.  This bag can haul 10+ discs in the main compartment, 4+ discs in the vertical disc pockets, more discs or outer layers in the tall side pockets, and it still has room for a 6-pack in the insulated cooler pouch.  Take the cooler out and you have even more space.  Use the two zipper pockets for stashing your personal items in a secure manner. 

Made with a durable nylon fabric that is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Dynamic Discs, this bag might be our number one pick for the cooler bag criteria.  

STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag With Cooler

I’m not going to go on record saying the Star Frame Brick is the end all be all cooler bag, but it certainly has some interesting features.  Built for the intention of being a bag for every occasion, no matter if you’re playing a weekend round with your buddies, or if you’re competing in an all-day tournament. The Star Frame BRICK 2.0 has features other bags don’t, and we’re not just talking about capacity for a full on party!

With an adjustable sternum strap and breathable soft back padding the designer thought about what is needed to carry a load capable of holding a case of beer, and 16 discs all at the same time.

Other unique features include an elastic strap to hold your phone in place and catch that tee short form or 30ft birdie. On top of that other thoughtful aspects include an attached bottle opener, velcro patch, 2-putter pocket, wide neck bottle and two can holders, towel clip, moisture-resistant bottom with rubber feet, and a reinforced padded handle.

Needless to say this might not be as well built as the Dynamic Discs Commander, but you certainly will be the party pack leader on the course.  While we haven’t gotten my hands on one personally, we wanted to provide a bag at a slightly lower price point that had something unique to offer and the Star Frame Brick does exactly that. Take a chance and let the community know your thoughts below in the comments.

Best Disc Golf Bag With Cooler

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Backpack and Cooler

With business on the outside and party on the inside, you’ll have quick access to your discs and something to keep you hydrated for a round of disc golf. The Rogue Iron Cooler Backpack takes the typical design and flips it. This newer  version comes with a ton of updates, including:  better stitching all around, thicker shoulder comfortable strap pads, rubber feet and waterproof material on the bottom of the bag and SBS zippers with pull tabs.

But even with those updates, the true feature is in the overall design.  Rogue decides to put the thing we are reaching for the most, our discs, on the outside of the bag.  Utilizing 6 mesh stretch side of the bag pockets you not only get quick access to the necessary plastic but also an easy way to sort and organize your disc inventory.

Continuing their uniqueness, the Rogue Iron Cooler Backpack has a large capacity water bottle holder top and center of the bag (never seen that before).  Making it easy to access water, keeping it cool and insulated, and allowing for various sizes of drinks. 

Personally, I like the sleekness of the design.  It stands upright without needing to be at full storage capacity.  Rogue Iron makes bomb-proof bags backed by a lifetime warranty.  Also, if you’re in the market for a smaller bag, be sure to check out our review of their satchel option here: Best Small Disc Golf Bag. Either way, you won’t go wrong and it’s nice knowing you’re supporting a company that is committed to preserving the environment while encouraging the community to do the same.

Best Disc Golf Bag With Cooler

Our Top Disc Golf Bag With Cooler Pick!

I think it’s clear that Dynamic Discs has this one in the bag (sorry, couldn’t resist). But in all seriousness, which option will you choose?  Do you prefer the lunch box duffle style of the DD-Soldier? Or should you go with the full on backpack of the DD-Commander? 

I will leave it up to you with this thought, after having and using the Soldier for a while, I am really hoping to pick up a Commander soon. The backpack will help balance the load and it seems to be a little more organized. However, I plan on using the Soldier for family trips and various occasions as I can stuff a lot of “extras” in when playing with others. 

Are You Staying Thirsty?

We hope you enjoyed our Disc Golf Bag series.  If you find yourself thirsty out on the course consider a bag with a Cooler and keep hydrated.  Be sure to check out the other related bag articles to pick out a new over the shoulder option on your next visit to the local disc golf course.

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