Amazon’s Top 10 Disc Golf Drivers : Would You Agree? 

Christmas is fast approaching so we thought it would be interesting to see what everyone is buying. Without a doubt most of us are utilizing Amazon to tick off at least part of your list. But what you may not know is Amazon has some snazzy best seller lists built in…and this allows us to do some searching for the best selling disc golf products. So without further delay let’s take a look at Amazon’s Top 10 Disc Golf Drivers, which begs the question, would you agree?

How We Found The Top 10 Disc Golf Drivers List

For years we have utilized Amazon as a place for shopping. But only recently had I discovered the best seller lists specific to Disc Golf. And while just clicking on the best seller link at the top will leave you digging through category after category, an easy way to find specifics is to start with a generic search and go from there. Feel free to read the steps below to find this best seller list or just click this link…you’re welcome.

Best Sellers in Disc Golf Drivers

How To Find Best Sellers On Amazon For Disc Golf Products

I get it, you’re a “learn to fish” kind of person…same here. So if you’re interested in knowing how to find best seller lists on Amazon, read on.

We started with the obvious and searched for “disc golf” in the search bar. This resulted in 3000+ listings spanning the entire genre of disc golf (woohoo!). From there the trick is simple: find the item that best relates to what you’re looking for, in this case a driver disc, and see if any have the “best seller” label in the top left corner of the listing.  When you hover over it, there will appear a more specific category for the best seller designation…click it. 

Amazon’s Top 10 Disc Golf Drivers : Would You Agree? 

In our case, the Latitude 64 River disc was at the top of the list as a best seller. When we hovered over the best seller label off to the side popped up “in disc golf drivers”…exactly what we wanted. Note: best seller lists on Amazon are updated hourly…so this could change. 

Now, perhaps there is a more direct approach to finding the best sellers in specific categories for a given niche such as disc golf. But this one should work for most. I will admit, we use a couple of tools to manage our businesses and one of those tools helps us find this stuff fast, but either way you make it to this screen below:

Amazon’s Top 10 Disc Golf Drivers : Would You Agree? 

Amazon Best Selling Top 10 Disc Golf Drivers

Ok, now that you’re seeing what I am seeing let’s dig in…be sure to leave a comment below if you bag any of these discs or if you think the masses are missing the mark. Below you’ll find our take on each…

1.Latitude 64 Retro Burst River (7,7,-1,1)

LT 64 River Burst

With a speed of only 7 the LT 64 River comes in as a fairway driver versus a distance driver. Making it easier for a weaker beginner arm to get it up to speed. That being said, the high glide can arguably turn the mere mortal into a distance hog, adding 50 to 100ft on your throw, other factors aside. For me personally, the River was a hate then love situation. You can read my full review here: Disc Golf Dash Latitude 64 River Review

I now own the River in the Opto line of plastic and would say that it performs way better than my Burst version…as it should for the premium plastic. It not only holds up better but it also feels and seems to fly better. 

Does it deserve to be a 1op 10 disc golf driver? I believe so. While there certainly are other discs better suited for distance, turn, etc. I think the River is worthy of being not only on your holiday shopping list for others, but also in you bag while playing a round. A great utility disc that any disc golfer would appreciate seeing under the Christmas tree this season.

2.Innova DX Dragon (8,5,-2,2)

Innova Dragon

While I don’t have a lot of experience with the Dragon I have thrown it a few times. My buddy bags two for the sole purpose of throwing around the water hazards.  In short, it floats, and that can be a valuable asset to have in your lineup if playing near water. Further, with a turn of -2 a speed of only 8, and the weight being 145-150g this could be a great option for the beginner to intermediate disc golf player. 

I for one added this to my Christmas list. At this price surely one of you wants to buy me one – ha. Seriously though, pretty sure the pond on basket #7 at North Cove, now harbors a few of my discs. And although a few were retrievable, not all are that easy…why you ask. Because they sink and you can’t even see where they are in the water. 

Does this deserve to be on the bestseller list? You bet! Every player can appreciate the glide rating among the other aforementioned flight numbers. While at the same time, having a disc or two that floats in one’s inventory is never a bad thing.  However, I’m interested in hearing from you all, is there a better floater out there?

3.Innova Destroyer (12,5,-1,3)

Innova Destoyer

Anyone who’s been playing disc golf for awhile either owns, or has thrown and Innova Destroyer. The name alone invokes curiosity and begs to take it out for a day of field practice. 

I won’t say much about it but the Destroyer gets the job done. It may not be best for the beginner. With a speed of 12 you’re going to need some power and technique to get this disc flying right. With that said, those that use it, love it. Those that can get the oomph behind it watch it fly a lot further than other drivers on this list. 

Does this deserve to be on the bestseller list? Absolutely! The Destroyer will go down in the history books as a classic. Perhaps even be your first true distance driver as it was for many players before us.

4.Innova DX Valkyrie (9,4,-2,2)

Innova Valkyrie

One of my favorite “slow speed” distance drivers, the Valkyrie is a staple in my bag. Though I only own the DX version of the Valkyrie I still love the way it feels and throws. Hopefully I can drop some dollars on the premium plastic version soon. 

At a speed of only 9 the Valkyrie comes in as a distance driver, but on the entry level side of that category. This is a great speed for beginner and intermediate level players to throw distance drivers. Helping with that tee shot is a turn of -2 and various weight options to choose from. I intentionally got mine at the low weight of 153g but would like to own a heavier one to compare. 

Does the Valkyrie deserve a top 10 best selling distance driver? 💯% From my perspective the Innova Valkyrie has a few things going for it. First, the rim is thin, making forehand shots feel good off of my finger tips. Second, the above mentioned flight numbers and weight…giving it a great intro level feel. While I bag higher speed discs for long shots, for those 200-250ft tee shots, I find myself pulling out the Valkyrie. 

5.Innova Wraith (11,5,-1,3)

Innova Wraith

Every player who bags a Wraith, loves their Wraith. In fact, anyone I have ever played with owns this disc. Why you might ask…well besides the subjective “feels good” report, it seems to be a very consistent flyer for use in the wind. It also has a bit more fade, allowing the player to throw a deep hyzer and know that it will return as expected. 

While I don’t own a Wraith (yet), a couple of Pro’s sum it up nicely directly from Innova’s website…

Sarah Cunningham

“Best driver out there. I keep three in the bag. I feel my longest most accurate sidearm drives come from a light weight turn over Wraith shot. I throw heavier Wraiths for backhand distance.”

Gregg Hosfeld

“With a little to no break-in time, the Pro Wraith gives me a wonderful combination of distance and control. I will often forego a faster disc in favor of the combination of speed, glide and accuracy of the Pro Wraith.”

Does the Innova Wraith deserve to be on the bestseller list? Well this one I am leaving up to you all…I mean, my non-scientific method survey of players says they all recommend it. So perhaps that’s enough, but I wonder what you all might say…leave a comment if you bag the Wraith and would recommend it to others. 

6.Latitude 64 River Opto (7,7,-1,1)

LT 64 River

Coming in at 6 on the list we have a bit of a misnomer. Not in the fact that the LT 64 River doesn’t deserve to be on the list, but because it’s on the list twice. However, the big difference in this version is that it’s the premium plastic version.

While I have a Retro Burst LT 64 River, I also upgraded and got it in the Opto plastic. Money well spent! In fact, in our tips for advanced disc golfers article we have an entire section on upgrading your discs.  Keeping it short, regardless of the version you go with, the River is a great disc and certainly worthy of being a part of your inventory, if not in the bag. If you want to see more read our full review on the River here: Latitude 64 River Review.

Does the LT 64 River Opto deserve to be on the bestseller list? YES! Being that its on the list twice, just in different plastics makes it a bit of a “shoo-in”. But without a doubt the River has become one of the most popular fairway drivers, and quickly. I love my opto version and happy to throw the Retro Burst version over and over.

7.Yikun Twin Swords (12,5,-1,2)

Yikun Twin Swords

Wait, who? Maybe I am late to the game or something but I have never heard of or played with a Yikun Disc. A bit of googling and research shows some promise…they are PDGA certified and have several lineups available, along with some newer sets. 

The Twin Swords is part of the Tortoise Line and has a couple of unique features. First, the outer ring is made of denser material than the middle. With the thought that this will help it spin faster and get up to speed easier. Though not the first company to “overmold” their outer ring, it’s nice to see some innovation in the disc making game. Second is grip and feel…though I can’t give a personal experience there appears to be a bit of a following based on the way the Yikun discs feel.

Does the Yikun Twin Swords deserve to be on the bestseller list?I’m not certain the reason for the Yikun Twin Swords to be a best seller.  It’s not cheaper than other discs on the list…in fact it’s kind of expensive. But, it has almost 1000 positive reviews and has continued to be on the list for some time. I will admit, it looks pretty good too. I would be interested in hearing from someone who has used this or any of the Yikun discs…leave a comment below. 

One last thing I noted about the Yikun Twin Swords, a lot of the reviews mentions it being slightly stable. Even with a turn of -1 it appears to break in slowly and might be more for advanced disc golf players. 

8.Westside Discs King (14,5,-1.5,3)

Westside King Distance Driver

If you’re new to the game don’t be scared by the high speed rating on the Westside King. For whatever reason it doesn’t feel like it’s that hard to throw and get distance. Perhaps not a beginner disc, if you don’t have anything with this much speed this would be a good one to add to the bag.

While I typically don’t hand a beginner a distance driver I certainly would let you try my King so you know what you’re going for.  I will admit, I don’t always have an arm for this disc, or really anything above a 12 speed. But that doesn’t stop me from trying and using it for training purposes.  In fact, I can use it to my advantage.  With a fade of 3 and the fact that I can’t always get it to fully turnover, I like to use my King for those massive Hyzer shots…think like going around a clump of trees. I have also found some recent success using this as a thumber throw. Maybe it’s the wide rim or high glide. 

Does the Westside King deserve to be on the bestseller list? Perhaps the King wouldn’t be my first pick for a Westside Disc on a top 10 best selling driver list. But for certain I would put Westside discs on this list…and you can see the one I would choose below because it just so happens to have made the list. What about you, do you bag the King?



Proving once again that robots aren’t taking over anytime soon and algorithms don’t always get it right…the FlighTowel may be one of the best disc golf towels available, but clearly it has no place on this list. 

I don’t know how it made it to the list, but if you want a review of the FlighTowel we have featured it a few times. Check out this article for more info: Best Disc Golf Towel.

Does the FlighTowel deserve to be on the bestseller list? Technically speaking, NO! But it is a great towel and pretty cool to see some innovation around something as basic as a towel. Great for stocking stuffers, maybe not so much for a best selling disc golf driver list.

10.Westside Discs Underworld (7,6,-3,1)

Westside Underworld Fairway Driver

At number 10 I am not surprised to see another Westside Disc on this list…and not shocked that it’s the Underworld getting the stamp of approval. Speaking of stamps, not only does the design cause the purveyor of discs a second look but the flight numbers offer an approachable disc for any player. 

The underworld has been on the top 10 list a long time.  It moves around in the ranking, but nonetheless seems to be a staple as one of the best. Where the Westside King may be more for the advanced player, with a strong arm, the Underworld is a fairway driver for all. The understable disc should turnover for the weaker arms and fly reasonably with ease. 

Top 10 Disc Golf Drivers, Or Not?

While I would agree that several of these drivers are classics, worthy of being on a top 10 list, there are a few questionable options. But my mere single opinion cannot withstand the might from the masses of Amazon. So perhaps it is up to you, the #discgolfcommunity to right the ship and offer your take on this list of Amazon’s top 10 Disc Golf Drivers. 

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!