7 Tips for Playing Disc Golf with Your Family

Over the past several years disc golf has become increasingly popular. With over 13,000 courses world wide and 5 new ones being built daily(1), you’re sure to be near a playable venue. Since this game is one for any ages, you can share it with the entire family.  But with the increase in popularity comes a downside of crowded courses and busy public parks. This begs the question, how can families enjoy a day of disc golf together?

Disc golf provides a great opportunity for families to spend time together.  And since disc golf has a low startup cost, with over 90% of courses being free(1), disc golf is perhaps one of the most accessible activities. But this all culminates in some issues and concerns you may have when taking the family out for a round.

Never fear, with Discgolfdash.com we got your back, keep reading to learn 7 tips for playing disc golf with your family, you’ll be sure to enjoy a great day outside being active and having fun. Read on to discover how you can enjoy a day of disc golf with the family…

1.Play Where Others Aren’t

Perhaps the easiest way to play with the family is in one’s own private backyard. An ever growing movement and outcome of the pandemic is finding new ways to enjoy our own slice of paradise. And while the corn hole set might be suitable for some, others need a little additional stimulation. 

You can always create your own backyard course given the inexpensive portable baskets available on the market. This allows you to move the basket around giving an endless variety of challenges and games. Being close to home has other advantages when playing with the family. Imagine a day of barbecue, beer, and still having access to all of your creature comforts…all while you get in some short game practice and time with the kids. 

Splurge on the MVP Black Hole Basket:

Black Hole Pro

At a reasonable current price of $160, the MVP Black Hole Pro, all metal basket construction, 24-zinc chain basket is deserving of a top spot. It has 12 outer, and 12 inner chains oriented perfectly for zero weak spots. It’s highly portable and built to the PDGA standard height and size regulations. This basket checks all the boxes with a 5-star rating of more than three thousand customer reviews. 

Keep it Light with the Innova Discatcher:

Innova Discatcher Traveler Target.

Perhaps the lightest of the targets, at just 15 pounds, the Innova Discatcher is an Amazon favorite with over 86% five star ratings. The simple setup is as easy as a camping chair, beach umbrella, or portable table. Speaking of camping, this might be the perfect option for those that love the game and want a little entertainment around the campground. The Discatcher comes with a tote bag for storage and packability. Coming in multiple colors, with a quick release for take down, and thoughtful features such as anchor points to resist any wind, this might be the ultimate portable disc golf basket. 

DGD Tip: make up 10-15 cards with various ways of throwing the disc. Use this as a means to keep the kids interested while they draw a card to see what next crazy throw to make. Or try a night game of glow disc…lighting up the backyard with some LED basket markers and glow in the dark discs.

2.Play at Non-Peak Hours

There are busy times and busier times to go play a round at the local course. Finding that sweet spot might take a little experimentation.  

The busiest tee time is at 10:00am, especially on weekends. Avoid getting to the park around this time and try to show up a little earlier or after 11:00. Run the morning errands and show up a little later or get the family time in early to start the weekend off right. 

Disc golf courses tend to pick up at 6:00pm, especially during the weekdays.  That afterwork round you want to play, so does everyone else. Have the kids ready to go or meet you at the park. Once you’re familiar with the course and layout, consider trying a round of glow disc…you don’t have to wait until it’s completely dark out, but after dinner always makes for an adventurous excursion. 

DGD Tip: be sure to check your local park hours and confirm access. Look for courses that are more wide open as opposed to going back into the woods. 

3.Have a Backup Plan

This should go without saying, and being that you’re a parent you probably do this instinctively, but consider taking the soccer ball, bikes, or spikeball set along for the ride. 

Did you know that you’re a superhero, and superheroes save the day. So if that rowdy group of local league players just make the course uninviting, don’t ruin the outing by giving up. A quick ride on the bikes, or alternative game will give them time enough to get down the course, allowing your family to hop in and get some disc throwing in. 

DGD Tip: combine the outing with food and you’re a sure bet for good times. Whether it’s a cooler packed with some popsicles to beat the summer heat, or a full on barbecue of hot dogs and chips, the kids will love it. Remember to them, a park is a place of wonder and imagination, regardless of the activity.

4.Play Best Shot

Officially, disc golf etiquette calls for the furthest away from the basket to throw first. With less experienced players this can cause a bit of delay in the game. And nothing is worse than a slow game. 

To keep things moving along, try playing the best shot format. This allows everyone to throw from whichever disc is the closest to the basket. Often the most experienced players drive off the tee will be the furthest throw. You can have everyone then throw from that placement. 

DGD Tip: you’ll be surprised at how good kids can be throwing discs. Throughout the round, let them shine occasionally and make the basket shot.  Everyone likes to hear those chains ringing from their throw.  

5.Don’t Make it Competitive

Quality time is the name of the game. Sure there might come a time when the family team is keeping up with you, and there is nothing wrong with betting on a basket for who mows the lawn next. But making the experience enjoyable and fun is the key to repetitive play. 

Like the above mentioned tip says, you have to let others win a basket or two or they will lose interest.  Take this as an opportunity to bust out that camera and make some memories.

DGD Tip: instead of playing against each other try playing doubles.  Keep a record of how well you and your partner do and see if you can improve it over time. This makes it less about competing against each other and more about teaming up to try and best the course. 

6.Know When to Call It

Kids don’t have the attention span adults do. And at times, know matter how fast the game is moving, it’s going to slow down. If any sign of lethargy or tiredness creeps into the moment, it’s time to pack it up.

There is no shame in stopping a round early.  I have played many 12 hole rounds, 15 hole, and of course just a 9 hole half round. I have even gone out and played just my favorite 5 baskets over and over. 

One of the most common mistakes parents make is pushing their kids in an activity that should be more about spending time with the family.  Not only will this turn the kids off from the sport but it will also diminish their outlook on family time. 

DGD Tip: set a time limit, not a number of baskets. Be upfront about how much time you have on the course to play and call it quits when that time is up. This will result in everyone having an understanding of when done means done. 

7.Let Other Players Play Through

Our final tip is more of another disc golf etiquette, but might not be obvious to beginners. When you’re on the course, with or without the family, and a group of players comes up behind you, let them play through.

Letting the other players jump ahead will not only put less pressure on your game, but will also give the kids time to grab a snack or drink. They might also be inspired by the other players and therefore gain a bit more interest in the sport. 

Good karma aside, the players you let pass will be appreciative, if not a little jealous that you can bring your family out to the course and make a day of it…pretty much everyone’s dream. 

Family Time for The Win!

Sports and activities don’t have to be you watching them play. An active family is a healthy family and disc golf makes for a low cost, easy way to make some memories. 

You might be surprised at what you learn from your family members while out on the course.  The tranquility of nature, long walks from basket to basket, and the natural camaraderie a sport inspires will bring out the best (or worst) in an individual.  This can make for great opportunities to set an example or make connections with all. 

Keep disc golf fun and exciting for the family and you’re sure to be playing round after round. Who knows, perhaps you have the next pro PDGA player in the ranks. 

Playing at the right time of day, with the flexibility to focus on fun and not serious play, will make for memories that can be shared for a lifetime!

Keep throwing,



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I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!