17 Disc Golf Gift Ideas that will give you hero status during the holidays!

If you’re reading this, then you probably know a disc golfer. But you might not know much about disc golf and probably not a clue as to what a disc golfer would want as a gift. Look, I understand. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the disc golfer in your life, especially if you’re not very familiar with the sport. 

The good news is, we’re going to clue you into some of the best, and most unique, disc golf gifts that the disc golfer in your life is sure to love. By the end, you’ll be confident that you’re getting something a disc golfer is going to find thoughtful and useful for years to come. It’s a good idea to read this for more information on a gift that will be a great addition to the serious disc golfer in your life. Let’s get into it.  

Disc Golf Related Gifts, that Are (Primarily) Under $50 

1. FlighTowel Disc Golf Towel; On Amazon.  

Flight Towel

We’ve featured the FlighTowel Disc Golf Towel before in our list of best disc golf towels. The Flight Towel set itself apart from other normal towels with a unique design. The manufacturer thought as a disc golfer and attached a portion of a disc to the towel in order to provide some warmup resistance.  

What does it do? 

Just like a regular towel, this tool is used to dry off and clean off extra discs. You might  be thinking: can’t I just get them any regular towel? The answer here is sure, but….the Flight Towel is the premier disc golf towel in that it allows for some additional functionality.   

So, here’s what the high quality disc does: it is used to help disc golfers practice throwing and warm up before a round. The reason it is important to use this tool to practice disc golf is because when a towel is added to the disc, it is going to resemble the same kind of resistance that happens when a disc is in the hand.  

Why will they like it? 

If your loved one is a true disc golfing fan, then they probably love to practice their form,  whenever they can. Whether it be while they’re watching television or relaxing in the kitchen, they’re probably eager to improve their disc golf skills. This tool will allow them to do that, without risking any damage to fragile belongings.  

2. OCOOPA Hand Warmers; On Amazon

Ocoopa Hand Warmer

An OCOOPA Hand warmer is a small mobile device that will produce its own heat. Couple this with a pair of disc golf gloves for those colder months and you have the perfect combination to play year round. 

What does it do? 

This device is a hand warmer, so it keeps your hands warm in between throws. It is important that disc golfers have good contact between their hands and the disc. And because discs are made with plastic, they get cold, impacting the disc golfer’s ability to throw. When the hands get cold, it is harder to play disc golf, so this tool is important in keeping athletes able to perform.  

Why will they like it? 

Picture this: you’re playing disc golf on a day that’s under 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It may surprise the non-disc golfer that we play during the winter months, but up here in the mountains, it can get cold quickly. I don’t think I need to say much more to convince you, because your disc golf lover will be extremely grateful for their hand warmer. It’s a struggle to play disc golf, in the cold! 

3. Disc Golf Shirts; On ETSY

We would be a miss to not show off our very own designs for the disc golf community.  These shirts have all been designed by avid disc golfers who enjoy the soft, light feel of the shirt.

What does it do? 

Sport these disc golf shirts at your next outing. Casual and low-key designs that avoid the typical disc golf style of being “cheesy”.  And while we enjoy a good disc golf meme or fun design, we wanted to provide the enthusiast with designs that have a clean style and unique art. 

Why will they like it? 

The shirts are light and soft. They feel good on the course for a round in the hot sun, or just during casual wear while running errands. Regardless of the activity the disc golfer can appreciate the artistic design and quality materials of these shirts. New designs coming weekly!

4. GRIP6 Web Belts; On Amazon

Not all on our list are specific to disc golf, but great gifts nonetheless. Just like the title of the product implies, this is a belt that almost all my disc golfing friends swear by. Some of them are patterned and some aren’t, but all of them are durable.  

What does it do? 

This item is a great idea to purchase, to add to any disc golfer’s wardrobe. When you’re wearing this belt, you’re going to feel extremely light, mobile, and secure, which is important for the sport. No one wants to trip over their pants while trying to launch a disc 300+ft down the course.  

Why will they like it? 

Mobility is an important aspect to throwing a disc. A traditional belt tends to get in the way, not to mention come undone while twisting and throwing. This is a good quality belt, and oftentimes, people are unwilling to splurge on a great thing, like a belt. Your disc golfer will appreciate this gift, because it is one of the best belts in the industry.  

5. Disc Golf Desk Mat and Mousepads; On ETSY

Add a little style to your office decor and desktop. Our newest products celebrate the sport we love and give your desk a bit of protection.   

What does it do? 

You might wonder why one needs a desk mat. Let us offer these few reasons:

  • Protection: desks are way more expensive than a mat.  Once that desk has a chip, scratch or watermark on it the newness is gone.  Protect your investment with a desk mat
  • Comfort: I find that when doing long hours at the desk my arms start sticking to the desktop…especially on those humid days. The desk mat eliminates this issue and makes the experience more comfortable. Not to mention a bit of padding for the forearms. 
  • Look: Make your workspace a little more enjoyable and represent your passion. With our disc golf desk mats you get functionality and design. Give your office some new digs and roll out your new desk look. 

Why will they like it?

Our desk mats come in classic to modern designs. With a smooth surface that eliminates snags or mouse glitch. The mats come in three different sizes to accommodate your desk space. Check back often as we add new designs to our collection. 

Looking for non-disc golf gift ideas, check out this list of awesome Christmas Gift Ideas By Age!

6. Ript Revenge DIsc Golf Card Game; On Amazon

This isn’t your typical sit at home card game.  Ript revenge will spice up your disc golf game and keep things interesting. 

What does it do? 

Ript Revenge can quickly level the playing field by giving players cards they get to use against their opponent. Each card has unique challenges and tasks to overcome.  This can break up the monotony of playing the same course over and over. Plus it adds another dimension to playing a round of disc golf.  

Why will they like it?

Perfect for those weekly disc golf outings, players will get a surge of psyche knowing that something interesting could be coming their way. Adding a bit of uniqueness to the familiar course will keep disc golfers excited to see what’s next. Great for groups of players who are at different skill levels. 

7. Flex Shot Disc Golf Grip Enhancer; On Amazon

This product is a great deal, and it will help your disc golfer grasp the disc when they’re throwing it. Used by professionals and avid players. 

What does it do? 

If you’re playing disc golf in the rain, in the dewy morning, or in the heat, your hands are going to get wet. When your hands are wet, you’re going to have a harder time grasping your disc. So, with the help of this product, your disc golfer will be able to play better. 

Why will they like it?

Even if your disc golfer doesn’t usually play in inclement weather conditions, this tool can be helpful during gameplay in fair weather. So, you can’t go wrong with this gift, because all in all, it’s helpful. 

8. Dynamic Discs Dynamic Disc Retriever; On Amazon.  

While a disc doesn’t break the bank in terms of cost but they can have sentimental value to the disc golfer…and who wants to see $15 of plastic fly off into the pond without any way to get it back. This item will help retrieve a disc, if they get stuck in the water, a tree, or any other precarious spot.  

What does it do? 

Sometimes, when you play disc golf, you’re going to lose a disc. So, this device will help users retrieve lost disc golf discs. It’s never a good thing for equipment to get lost, and this tool ensures that you’ll always leave a game of disc golf with the same amount of specific discs that you came with.  

Why will they like it? 

This is a practical and awesome gift that any disc golfer will find useful. So, they’re sure  to love it. There are various types of retrievers out there on the market.  Be sure to check out our review of disc golf retrievers, but your disc golfer won’t be disappointed with this one.  

9. HIMAL Disc Golf Bag; On Amazon.  

This new bag was made so that disc golfers could carry around up to eighteen discs. Though not part of our best disc golf bag lists, it might just be added in next year’s update. The price to value ratio is off the charts and we plan on getting one of these for testing and review this holiday season. Until then, go with it or check out our review of other disc golf bags, as any true disc golfer will appreciate this gift and can never have too many bags! 

What does it do? 

It’s a hassle to try to juggle multiple discs, when you’re traveling to a game. So, with the  help of this bag, you can have all of your discs in one place, so that they’re ready to take  with you at all times.  

Why will they like it? 

This bag is convenient, lightweight, and low cost. Plus, it’s a perfect bag for a beginner disc golfer. Holding just enough discs for any course and being a backpack style, if the person in your life who you’re shopping for is new to the sport I don’t think they will go wrong with this option. 

10. Birdie Disc Golf Board Game; On Amazon.  

Birdie 2.0 by Boda Brothers is the second edition of the popular Disc Golf Board Game. Experience Disc Golf in your living room now! Hint to my friends and family…I want this! Maybe you don’t play board games as much as we do, but when it’s a rainy Sunday or we have guests over, the games come out. Who knew there was an actual disc golf board game? It actually looks good too! 

What does it do? 

Disc Golf is great, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Birdie means you can still have disc golf fun at home! With game boards, Karma cards, Pro Player cards, levels and much more, Birdie has it all! If you live, breathe, and love disc golf, you’re going to want this board game. But even if you don’t play, the game will bring everyone to the table for some fun. Also, as a bonus, you will learn a little about the actual game.

Why will they like it? 

Enjoy the Birdie Disc Golf Board game with your friends as you tackle the course, challenges and fun together! Keep the psyche high with some all-weather entertainment. Even moderate players will enjoy living the disc golf life while spending some quality time with friends and family.

Disc Golf Gifts That Stretch The Budget a Bit…

11. MVP Disc Sports Golf Basket; On Amazon

Although this gift is a little bit out of the $50 range, it’s important. This product will allow you to simulate a game of disc golf even if you can’t make it to the course. Trust us, any true disc golfer would find this to be the ultimate gift, allowing them to walk right out the backdoor and get a little practice time in.  Consider this the “cornhole” version of disc golfing, perfect for family time and quick after work practice sessions.

What does it do? 

This is a portable basket that will allow players to practice shooting, both long range and short range shots depending on placement. With this basket, you’re going to be able to play a disc golf game right in your own backyard. 

Why will they like it? 

If you give a disc golfer this gift, then they’re going to be able to improve their frequency of practice and overall ability to play the sport. Read our review of portable disc golf baskets with MVP being a top manufacturer of the product. A portable disc golf basket is perfect for players looking to get better or who don’t always have enough time to get to the course. 

12. Infinite Discs Organizer; On Amazon.  

This organizer allows players to keep all of their discs stored away, in an orderly fashion. Discs take up too much space, and this will fix that!  Use it inside, or in the trunk…and if you’re not using it for discs you can always use it for groceries, shoes or other extras.

What does it do? 

When you’re a disc golfer, you’re going to accumulate a lot of discs. So, this product allows the disc golf player in your life to store away their discs.  

Why will they like it? 

It’s never a good thing to leave your discs in disarray, so with the help of this organizer, you’re ensuring that the player in your life has their equipment organized. They’ll appreciate that!  

13. Dynamic Discs Backpack Disc Golf Cart; On Amazon. 

If someone’s been extra good this year, this might be the gift for them. The average 18 hole course will have you walking a few miles. And while that’s great for your health, hauling around discs, drinks, and anything extra is not good for you back. This cart has it all, holding not only discs, but allowing you to have a seat while you wait your turn. 

What does it do? 

Using this cart, you can roll all of your discs from one hole to another. Although this product is slightly more expensive than the price point of $50, if you’re looking to splurge, the disc golf lover in your life will be thankful. 

Why will they like it?

Convenience is key, in a lot of areas of life. But when you’re playing disc golf, it’s  incredibly important. You don’t want to have to drag your discs manually, from hole to  hole. So, this will help a lot, and your friend or family member is sure to like it, because  of this. 

Disc Golf Gifts For Everyone

14. Innova Disc Golf Starter Set; On Amazon. 

The Innova starter set is the perfect way to get a beginner started with some discs or provide an experienced player with some extras…you can never have too many discs! 

What does it do? 

This group of discs is well balanced, providing the player with a Driver, Mid-Range, and Putter…all thought to be classics in the game. The Innova Starter Set is regarded as one of the better starter sets as we reviewed in our Best Disc Golf Starter Sets article.

Why will they like it?

If you don’t play disc golf, but someone close to you does, you might not understand our infatuation with discs…we collect them, customize them, and can never have enough. So this starter set would make any player at any level happy to receive. The beginner player will appreciate the diversity and quality of the discs set. Whereas the experienced player will be able to use these discs for shots across hazards and as backups to their current collection.

15. Gift Cards; Price Varies from Amazon

We’ve been over a lot of cool things that you might not be familiar with, but I’m sure that  you’re familiar with this. A gift card is a voucher that can purchase things, from a certain  retailer. 

What does it do? 

It allows your disc golfer to purchase anything they’d like, from Amazon. So, if they’re  looking for specific gear for the game, they can purchase exactly what they need, with  this card. 

Why will they like it? 

You’re giving them the opportunity to get something for the sport that they love!  

Disc Golf Gifts For Everyone…

16.Rouge Iron Disc Golf Dice; On Amazon

These dice are awesome! Level the playing field with the Included games to make the score competitive for players of different skill levels.

What does it do? 

Designed to spice things up a bit and keep the playing field on equal ground. You never know what will come up next. Challenge yourself, challenge your friends, the avid disc golfer is going to love this!

Why will they like it? 

These lightweight and durable die are easy to carry out on the course. Made with hight density plastic they easily wipe clean when rolled onto the ground. Comes with a mesh carry pouch these die will last for a long time and keep the game interesting. 

17. Disc Golf Tumblers; from ETSY

Rounding out our list of Disc Golf Gifts is our very own tumblers. We personally don’t start a day without a bit of caffeine and certainly believe in staying hydrated while playing a round at the local course. 

What does it do? 

Designed to keep your beverage hot up to 5 hours and cold for 15 hours, the Sherpa is an 11oz insulated vacuum tumbler that also doubles as a 12oz can insulator. Its double-wall construction features an 18/8 grade Stainless Steel inner wall, and a Stainless Steel outer wall. Features clear, press-on lid with slide closure.

Why will they like it? 

Our most popular Disc Golf Shirt design now comes to the beverage of your choice…cold or hot.  Perfect for those hot summer days or morning coffee rounds. This Disc Golf Tumbler makes for a great Fathers day gift, Christmas gift, or something special for that disc golf enthusiast in your life.

An Ace Shot… 

When they open that package and receive something that is fun, unique, and thoughtful, you’ll feel like you made a hole in one. Whether you’re  shopping for a beginner or an experienced player, there’s something on this list that can be a  great option and a great price for everyone. 

Even if you’re not a disc golf expert yourself, this list is the fool proof guide to purchasing the  best thing for the enthusiasts in your life. I hope that you’ve learned a lot from this gift guide!  

Until next time…


I am an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and disc golfer, who loves nothing more than a beautiful day to go play outside like a kid. I love to read and learn new things in order to gain a better understanding of our amazing world, and feel honored to share some with you. If you don’t find me at my computer typing away, you will find me outside exploring. I wrote this article because I am enthusiastic about helping you improve your disc golf skills and find a passion for getting outside!